Jason Collins To Be Michelle Obama’s Guest At State Of The Union Address

130429024012-jason-collins-profile-single-image-cutOpenly gay basketball player Jason Collins will be among the guests joining First Lady Michelle Obama when the President makes his State of the Union speech on Tuesday night. Collins will be joining a group that includes a victim of the Boston Marathon attack and the man who helped him, a firefighter who responded to devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma, and a woman who was named D.C.’s teacher of the year.

Being picked to sit with the First Lady means that Collins, and gay issues in general, will very likely be getting a shout out from the President during his speech. The guest list is carefully chosen to represent themes that the president wants to hit during the televised address.

President Obama repeatedly expressed his support for Collins when he came out last year. So did fellow athletes. But that hasn’t helped Collins with his career. He has yet to be signed by an NBA team since he came out last April.