Don't lowball him

Jason Derulo received quite an offer after this eye-popping photo was removed from Instagram

His anaconda don’t want none unless you’ve got tons, hun. After his “anaconda” went viral last month, Jason Derulo isn’t just settling for six-figure porn deals.

XXX site CamSoda offered the “Swalla” singer $500,000 to share photos, videos, and live streams of himself in his underwear, as TMZ originally reported. Plus, he wouldn’t even have to go fully nude.

Responding to the offer on Instagram, however, Derulo wrote, “Imma need a wayyy bigger bag than that,” adding the money-mouth face emoji.

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In case you missed the news last month, the Cats star posted an Instagram photo of himself emerging from a pool in Bali, with a noticeable bulge in his shorts. When a fan asked “What animal are you hiding in your pants?” he answered, “Anaconda.”

Earlier this month, however, Instagram took the post offline, saying it violated the “community guidelines on nudity or sexual activity.” According to TMZ, a Facebook spokesperson said the post was nixed because it featured “aroused genitalia.”

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Derulo, who previously credited his Haitian heritage for his bulge, responded to the censorship via social media. “All these girls be on Instagram showing they ass and all kind of crazy shit, and I got underwear on … and they took my pic down,” he observed. “It’s discrimination. Like, I understand. I can’t help my size. But you can’t take down my pic, man.”

Plus, as he later told TMZ, he was only semi-aroused. “I was not aroused. … I might have had a ‘semi,’” he told the site. “An arousal looks different. It’s a different vibe. When it’s fully aroused, it’s a different beast. It leans more to the front. You feeling me? Yeah, so if it’s just on the side, and it’s just chilling on the side, it’s a ‘semi’ vibe.”