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Jason Momoa adds another full moon to the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ set

When swole icon Jason Momoa made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, the crowd didn’t have to look under their seats for a present. The Aquaman star stripped right down to his bare essentials on stage, giving the audience dinner and a show.

Momoa and Kimmel were discussing a recent cheeky picture of the actor that took the internet by storm a couple weeks back. In it, he was catching fish (ironic for the aquatic hero) while wearing a traditional Hawaiian undergarment that put the goods on display.

“That’s a traditional malo,” Momoa says. “It’s what the Hawaiians wear.”

“I’m doing a show — I’m a creator and writer and director and producer and actor on this Apple series called Chief of War — and it’s all 17802/1790s Hawaii. That’s what I wear every day.”

As a committed actor, he was using a very sophisticated method technique: “I like to get into character, so I was tanning my white a**.”


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The host couldn’t help but ask if the thong-like garment was comfortable.

“Oh my god, yes,” Momoa responds. “I actually don’t even like wearing clothes anymore.”

He quickly drove this point home by losing his jacket, shirt, and pants, while the audience lost their minds.

The Kimmel Live! set has a full moon hanging over the background skyline, and it saw some serious competition when Momoa turned around.


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The Game of Thrones alum is no stranger to getting a little cheeky on live TV. Fans remember him hitting the SNL stage to gyrate in tiny gold shorts as part of “An Extra Christmas Carol“. As Mariah Carey says, it’s extra-festive.

Check out the full, bum-baring Kimmel interview here!

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