Jason Momoa Shows Off Insane “Aquaman” Body In Series Of Posts

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Super hero movies — they’re kind of a thing these days.

While titles like SpidermanBatman and X-Men have dominated the box office in recent years, the major film studios have already mapped out a steady stream of other, lesser-loved features to be released through the year 2020. And we can barely figure out what we’re doing this weekend — good planning, studios.

Which brings us to Aquaman, the favorite hero of, well, nobody really.

But that doesn’t mean the gilled crusader can’t have his own super-sexy franchise. Just the opposite, in fact.

Aquaman, set to be played by Jason Momoa, will first appear in Justice League: Part 1, due out in 2017, and then in the first Aquaman film set for a 2018 release.

Momoa has been treating his new job seriously, too.

He recently uploaded these fairly absurd workout vids to show how he’s preparing for the part:

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Um — damn, Aquaman.