Jason Preston Sets The Record Straight

Jason Preston Marc Jacobs tattoo

Now that we’ve covered old HX, let’s talk about this month’s issue: Marc Jacobs boyfriend Jason Preston wants us to know once and for all that he is not being paid to be the fashion king’s love slave, and that they did not meet on rentboy.com. He opened up in an interview with HX this month about loving Marc, leaving the prostitute’s life behind, and about “not regretting anything.” It’s fascinating stuff, if you believe him. We wish the happy couple all the best and hope Marc’s one or two weeks a month in the U.S. are enough to keep Mr. Preston satisfied. Or maybe that’s what a Valentine’s Day Rolex is for…

AFTER THE JUMP: See a photo of Jason Preston dressed like a shirtless Indian at the Marc Jacobs holiday party.

Jason Preston Marc Jacobs Indian
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Love Don’t Co$t a Thing [HX via Lady Bunny]