Jason Russell: Invisible Children Is God’s “Trojan Horse” Into Public Schools

For all those people wondering why the gay blogosphere was all up in Invisible Children’s grill, Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out has uncovered some damning evidence that makes it clear IC co-founder Jason Russell sees his group not as a nonsectarian human-rights group, but as an arm of militant fundamentalist Christianity.

In audio TWO discovered from a 2005 Christian conference in San Antonio, Invisible Children’s co-founder Jason Russell called his organization a “Trojan Horse” designed to infiltrate secular institutions and surreptitiously promote his group’s version of Christian fundamentalism. The audiotape reveals that that his organization is particularly focused on targeting youth in public schools.

According to Russell’s remarks (:44):

“Coming in January we are trying to hit as many high schools, churches, and colleges as possible with this movie.

We are able to be the Trojan Horse in a sense, going into a secular realm and saying, guess what life is about orphans, and it’s about the widow. It’s about the oppressed. That’s God’s heart. And to sit in a public high school and tell them about that has been life-changing. Because they get so excited. And it’s not driven by guilt, it’s driven by an adventure and the adventure is God’s.”

We already know IC has received money from anti-gay fundies like the Caster Family, the Call and the National Christian Foundation. Of course, some folks say that doesn’t mean IC’s stated mission isn’t still a noble one.

But as Besen explains, “This group is not simply about exposing LRA leader Joseph Kony, but engaging in stealth evangelism. Invisible Children sold themselves as romantic idealists, but the evidence suggests that they are more like fundamentalist [ideologues].”

With each revelation about Jason “masturbation meltdown” Russell, he comes off looking less and less like Bono and more and more like Ted Haggard.

Here’s the audio message in its entirety:



Photo: Invisible Children

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