Jason Russell’s Wife: Crazy Naked Episode Was “Brief Psychosis,” Not Drugs Or Alcohol

Oh, my husband’s wee little naked breakdown, where he vandalized cars and masturbated in public—oh, that was just a wee little moment of crazy. (See video here.)

So says Jason Russell’s wife Danica. Her full statement, according to the Daily News:

“The preliminary diagnosis he received is called brief reactive psychosis, an acute state brought on by extreme exhaustion, stress, and dehydration… [This was] in no way the result of drugs or alcohol in his body.”

The family says the Invisible Children and propagator of the viral “#Kony2012” meme will remain in the hospital for a few more weeks.

What do you guys think—momentary moment of insanity caused from the so-called “raves and ridicules” that followed his meme going viral, or general gay-ish repression coupled with shrooms and a couple hits of e? Here’s video of a speech he gave at Liberty University that makes us think the latter.

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  • Aric

    I should of just stopped reading @ “Wife”

  • Red Meat

    “extreme exhaustion” of hiding in the closet.

  • cwm

    Wow. You’ve gotten yourself into some neck-deep shit, if your PR flacks are using the word “psychosis” as damage control. (i.e. they think that sounds better than the alternatives??)

  • mk_ultra_again

    “Jason Russell’s Wife: Crazy Naked Episode Was “Brief Psychosis,” Not Drugs Or Alcohol”
    Is she talking about their wedding night?
    I’m not sure if it’s psychosis or drugs. I’d bet my bottom dollar that he is a repressed gay man though.

  • Chris

    Brief psychosis is not a “wee little moment of crazy.” It’s a freaking medical disorder. A DISEASE. A doctor (you know, the people who go to school for eight years to study MEDICINE) gives you the diagnosis. It is not something your wife makes up to cover for your drug problem or even for your being in the closet.

  • Billynyc

    This was not a breakdown, it was a GHB overdose.

  • stevoj

    these comments are hilarious. if i keep laughing like this at my desk at work everyone’s gonna think i have psychosis

  • dsp

    @Honey: How awful was that? And ohhh noooooo they aren’t gay!! roles eyes!

  • MEJ

    I’d like to see what the right-wing bigots would be saying if he was a liberal running a non-Christian org.

  • Shannon1981

    Too much crystal meth + repressed homosexuality + evangelical christianity = psychosis. Yup. Sounds about right to me.

  • Pete

    @mk_ultra_again: LOL!!! Thanks, I just spat out coffee all over my computer. :)

  • Miguel

    I don’t think this is funny but I wish he could find it funny when he realizes that he doesn’t have to go through it again. I think he is bipolar without the correct medication, I’ve seen it before and it’s frustrating to watch this kind of foolish pain. I wish he could get the right treatment and be happy like he deserves and normal like he is with his mental illness taken care. Wish him the best & btw he is hot though I can’t find him hot in this video. Just see pain :(

  • FunMe

    Nice try PR of Invisible Children … NOT!
    Geez! They think their official statements will help dispel quiet things down. It won’t.

    It’s pretty obvious Jason’s been doing drugs. If you notice in his interviews you find on Youtube, he’s ALWAYS blinking his eyes. A LOT. Sound like drugs for sure!

    Don’t forget, Jason is from an evangelical home with “secrets” … and let’s not forget he lives in San Diego, the METH capital of the world!

  • Red Meat

    @Honey: Ohmagawd LMAO

  • CaliberGuy

    This dose not strike me as funny I see someone that is in pain and out of control. I would trust a doctors diagnoses of an episode of Psychoses which would corresponding with his expected hospital stay (time to medicate him out of it) I do think his wife and PR people are trying to down play it when the call it a WEE LITTLE EPISODE and try to explain it away as nothing when it is not.

  • CaliberGuy

    @Miguel: I don’t know much about this guy but what makes you think that it is bipolar?

  • dave

    She must be getting nervous that her hot successful gay husband is getting close to coming out. “Psychiatric” treatment will require him to admit to himself and his family his homosexuality.

  • cwm

    @CaliberGuy: “Brief” psychoses are fairly unusual, except in the instance of a young schizophrenic person just beginning to have difficulties.

    Bipolar disorder seems more likely: that’s if one assumes Russell’s meltdown was due to serious mental illness. Manic episodes–if sufficiently intense–can produce delusions and extremely odd behavior. But (relative to psychotic breaks) the duration is often shorter.

    In other public appearances we’ve seen Russell speaking and blinking rapidly. It’s odd when, to generate excitement for struggling against genocide, he describes it as a “fun” thing to do. Grandiose notions–such as impulses to “save the world”–are a common symptom of bipolar disorder. These mental states can easily be mistaken for abuse of stimulants (like meth).

  • takakupo

    This onslaught of vitriol against Russel really has to stop. It may be good for your preliminary hits but I swear, the more nonsensical stories being posted about him like this, the more I and I am very sure others, want to not come to this site.

  • Robbie K.

    More like a bitch please episode to me…

  • CaliberGuy

    @cwm: I knew most of those things from going on a study bender after I was diagnosed with bipolar 2. (Was not a pleasant process at all)

    I can see easily where you are coming from, I just have a hard time with diagnosing someone that is not know. But I would not be shocked if you where right.

  • wayne

    @Honey: “Let’s do what we always do. Dance!”

    What. The. Eff? Michael Jackson, Rip Taylor, and Liberace would consider that video over the top.

  • Miguel

    Hey @CaliberGuy, I’m sure he is bipolar ’cause I’ve seen this behavior before on a BIPOLAR II and it’s due to the lack of correct medication and also a lot of stress. The way he blinks his eyes is a sign of an early crisis. A maniac state that can lead to a psychotic state like the one we can see in the video. It’s really danger, he could have done something really sad. I really hope he could have the right diagnoses for the right treatment. It’s not such a big deal when bipolar disease is taken care of. Nothing special but it requires a great knowledge of himself and it is not a incapacitant disease.

  • tim


    It’s a pretty sad world we live in when people literally begin to view a man more as a news story than a human being.

    Gay or straight, Jason Russell is a father and husband and trying to do good. Also, none of this detracts from the fact that there is a warlord in Central Africa rampaging through the Garamba National Forest.

    These comments make me sad.

  • BubbasBack

    He was probably high on meth after having been gangbanged for hours. That’s why he was exhausted. Burp.

  • vixlad

    I Say, “general gay-ish repression.”

  • FunMe

    The “wife” is just as crazy … and in denial.

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