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Jay Leffew Is Sorry For Attacking Davey Wavey, But Not YouTube’s Apathetic Gays

Well look who’s come around? After launching a YouTube attack on fellow cewebrity Davey Wavey, Jay Leffew is sorry!

Proud gay daddy Jay acknowledges he “took out a little bit of my frustration with the gay community, and the larger gay YouTubers in general, on you Davey, and for that I am sorry.”

As you’ll recall, Maine’s marriage defeat was met with another shirtless video from Davey Wavey, and not a direct response about the outcome.

Adds Jay: “I’m not necessarily apologizing for the content of my video … I would like to say I’m sorry to you Davey for singling you out, for you were not what I was mad at. I was mad at the apathy in our community more than anything else, and I think I used you as kind of a scapegoat. That being said, we had a little bit of a confusion, a little bit of a misunderstanding between the two of us. … I was very disappointed in that my fellow YouTubers, people with a large subscription base, didn’t take the time and energy to focus on a very important issue to our community.”

As Jay name-drops, some of YouTube’s biggest gays ignored the news from Maine, and instead kept with their entertainment focus. Well, yeah.

For now, Davey Wavey hasn’t responded to Jay’s attack, or apology. And we’re not sure he will. But watch his next clip, and see if his nipples send any clues.

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  • Fitz

    F’ing Christian. Bring me a lion.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Who reads other people’s comments? Crazies!!! Your 15 minutes are up!

  • mallard

    @ Jay

    Our apathy? How about your arrogance and obsessive mainstream-ism. Perhaps the younger gays, like myself, don’t give a flying fuck about marriage you diaper sniffer. That is not to say we are apathetic, we just have a different perspective on this mad, crazy world.

    So fuck you and your kids too, asshole.

  • Attmay


    Nobody dislikes Christianity more than I do. But I’m willing to put aside my dislike to fight for my rights with pro-gay Christian denominations.

    And everything he said is the truth.

  • Luffetz

    The cognitive dissonance of being gay and Christian must be overwhelming.

  • Republican

    Jay, if you’re reading this, ignore the hateful comments above. You rock as always! May your beautiful family have years of happiness and joy.

  • coochie


    To be gay and proud yet still a christian….hey guys, you wanna a real battle for us young’ins ? Fucking destroy or attack the source of our misery : god damned religion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • coochie

    @ republican brown noser

    not hateful : enlightening

  • Republican

    Quite a few gays are both homo and christian and perfectly happy with it. For example, my husband and I are two very well-educated men who enjoy work, worship, and play. (And we plan on raising a family in the future.) That is the path that brings us the most happiness. If you don’t want a family, don’t go to church, or don’t like anything else that some gays you label ‘mainstream’ occasionally do, then fine, that’s your right, but there is no reason to be so mean to Jay and his family.

    Oh, and mallard, I fall into that younger gay category. You do not speak for me.

  • mallard

    @ republican

    then you’re deluded and ignorant…I forget what kidnapping victims suffer…you know, when they develop feelings for their captors…you’re gay and a christian….you need to be fixed or shut up and suffer the results of religion’s hate you turncoat uncle tom gay boy.

  • Republican


    I am most certainly not ignorant. (Not that you don’t have a right to think of me as you wish.) And you are, of course, free to call me a deluded uncle tom, just as I am free to call you a puerile dweeb. Name calling is so helpful after all.

  • depfox

    I truly think it is sad that we as gay people can’t understand that it is our diversity that makes us strong. We as a family made a very hard choice, after prop 8 passed here in California, to stop being apathetic when it came to gay equality.

    We understood that we couldn’t sit back and let others fight our fight and allow them to define us as a people & a community. When I look around at the gay community, I see all types of people and all types of different life choices. I have always been proud of those differences.

    when I was a young man, I tried to kill myself because of a father that wouldn’t accept me as a gay man http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69AmuL7pGOw
    I survived that attempt to end my life partly because I believed that God had a small part in saving me. Now I understand that a lot of people smarter then myself may say throw those gay Christians to the lions and feel good about them selfs for saying that. I feel sorry for you. When you make a choice to judge any one for their beliefs you not only hurt “Those People” you hurt yourself.

    My partner and I have been together 14 years as of Nov 4Th, we have been legally married one year as of Oct 27Th. We have made a pledge to do whatever it takes to change heterosexual’s views on what it means to be gay, not for us but all those other young gay men and women that someday might consider throwing themselves off a bridge. I have come to understand through this journey, the battle is not only from the outside, but from within our own comunities. That is the part of this fight I find truly sad ;O(

    Your Friend whether you like me or not

    Husband Father Christian gay police officer activist


  • mallard

    “When you make a choice to judge any one for their beliefs you not only hurt “Those People” you hurt yourself.”

    your words Jay. This post by queerty was a reuslt of your apologizing for judging others…

    Your soggy bisquit of quaint apologetics doesnt work on the logic mind.

    Religion must die for the sake of sanity…To think otherwise or to presume its worth because of personal, subjective, memories of goodness…is idiotic….

    We are diverse because we are human…before im gay im anti-religion….the saner stand.

  • Brian

    So fuck you and your kids too, asshole.

    Wow, that’s a special kind of ignorance. We are our own worst enemy sometimes. You can agree or disagree but connect a couple synapses while you’re typing.

    Depfox, you’re amazing. This gay dad salutes you.

  • Republican


    Now you are being silly. I am a mathematician. There is not a field out there that is based more on logic than mine. My mind certainly qualifies as a “logic mind” (as you put it). And yet, I have faith. I do not say any of this to boast, but to make you think. Does that mean I am right and you are wrong about the existence of God? Of course not. But my existence and the existence of many others just like me should make you question your black-and-white worldview.

    Put another way, your posts read like someone who has little experience dealing with the reality that people can disagree with you on on a subject (especially on an issue whose true answer is as difficult to discern as almost any) without being your enemy. So, for the benefit of all, please put down Atlas Shrugged or whatever else has made you think you have all the answers and start dealing with people in the flesh. Yes, they may disagree with you, but that doesn’t mean they need to be destroyed.

  • Fitz

    Some of us found a way to put one foot in front of the other without magic thinking. Whatever– I would be far less of an asshole about this if the Christian Inc’s of this country hadn’t declared on war on me & my partner of almost 20 years. Oh– and I don’t need your CV. I’ve done some good things with my time on the planet too… I can’t think of any weapon, including the H Bomb, that has been used to hurt people as well as your fairy tales.

  • Fitz

    Oh, and PS— I am totally uncomfortable with someone who has attempted suicide having a job that involves firearms and good decision making.

  • Disgusted American

    @ Jay

    Our apathy? How about your arrogance and obsessive mainstream-ism. Perhaps the younger gays, like myself, don’t give a flying fuck about marriage you diaper sniffer. That is not to say we are apathetic, we just have a different perspective on this mad, crazy world.

    So fuck you and your kids too, asshole.

    Posted: Nov 8, 2009 at 5:28 pm


    You Disrespectful little asshole..you make me sick, you self centered little fucker! I wish you were in front of me right now – Id punch you right in the eye. How dare you talk down to Jay and his family like that..having a different perspective is one thing – but you are downright cruel and mean. Its people like Jay/Bryan and thier family making it EASIER for U!

  • Republican


    “Oh, and PS— I am totally uncomfortable with someone who has attempted suicide having a job that involves firearms and good decision making.”

    I’m sorry, but that’s a really dumb thing to say. It’s not like Jay attempted suicide last year. There are lots of people out there who were suicidal during their young years due to hormonal changes who are perfectly normal adults.

  • Attmay

    @3 Mallard,

    You are a fucking monster who deserves what you get. If I were in the same room with you I would break your ugly head off for what you said about Jay and his family, especially his children. If you are unfortunate enough to get AIDS, nobody will be there to care for you when you die because of the way you treat people. It doesn’t surprise me that someone like you or Fitz would kill a gay Christian for being a Christian. I am no fan of Christianity, but your attitude just made the case for LGBT assimilation as far as I’m concerned.

    If you don’t want to have kids, you probably shouldn’t. And what man would want to be married to you? But how fucking dare you dismiss someone who has made great sacrifices and a commitment to raise children as a “diaper sniffer”.

    Your beliefs are only defensible in a constitutional context. Don’t you fucking dare claim to speak for the younger generation, and don’t you fucking DARE insult our families and our loved ones because we value marriage and family more than a revolving door of sex partners. I am part of the “younger generation” and I want a husband and children. And I pity those who reject those ideals.

    As for “diversity,” yes we are represented in both genders, all races, all religions, and all nationalities. That I can definitely celebrate. Gay people talk about diversity but in actuality demand conformity to an image and ideology rooted in an outdated liberationist mindset that to me is best represented by bathhouses, noxious gay bars which are little more than meat markets, shitty dance music, ugly flags, asinine fashion trends, one-night stands, authoritarianism bordering on outright fascism, and the AIDS pandemic. Debate is discouraged. Apostasy is not tolerated. We act exactly as our oppressors act.

    The fact that many gay people have formed monogamous relationships and made them last in spite of their being nothing more than roommates in the eyes of federal law speaks volumes. In fact, as far as I am concerned, gay liberation has happened in this country: the laws criminalizing gay sex acts are now unconstitutional. The liberationists never spoke for all of us, and they are becoming less and less relevant with each passing year. Maybe they made the battle for gay marriage possible but that mindset has had its day in the sun. Mallard and his fellow anachronisms are the past. Jay and his husband are the future.

  • Sean Chapin

    @ Mallard:

    Here’s a perspective I would like to share…you may not care about marriage, but you should care about your fundamental civil right to marriage. It is our fundamental civil rights that we are fighting for, not marriage itself. I would think that every single living and breathing LGBT American would want to fight for equal fundamental civil rights if life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are important to us.

    As a side note, you should apologize to The Leffews for your disrespectful attitude. No one deserves to be treated with disrespect.

  • Fitz

    R- not at all. Thinking about it is one thing. Attempting it is a WHOLE other, and it shows some issues with impulse control and self soothing. Honestly, it’s just an asshole thing to say though– and I really shouldn’t. My blood just boils over this religion issue, and I start clawing away. One of my aunt’s recently “found jesus” and I sent my uncle a “sympathy on the death of your wife” card.

  • heydano

    It’s about our fundamental civil rights being assaulted and what we should all be doing to stop it. What is wrong with you? Who taught you to be so rude? Get some counseling, dude.

  • mallard

    In this world, full of children in Darfur being slaughtered or children in India dying of starvation…this little pool of brats dont need my prayers.

    anyway you marauding whores to convention…Dont fault me for being more radical, more true, in saying that religion is the cancer.

    My special kind of ignorance is in fact quite the opposite…White boys buying babies and praying to a false idol hold no esteem in my pantheon.

    What I say cuts, but better a scalpel than a cudgel…isnt that what Obama says……lol, i kid.

    Yet Im serious.

  • John R

    I cannot believe the hate that I’m reading right now… Wow.. I’m feel so sorry for those that have put down The Leffew Family the way they did. May you have a wonderful, regretful life in the future when you realize how much this beautiful family worked for you in fighting for your freedoms.

    I’m 20 years of age and find it extremely important that we fight for what is ours..

    You may not care for your rights as i do, but I wont let the ones I know are making the difference be put down like that! How ungrateful and disrespectful of you to say such things!

  • heydano

    Oooh, you’re so radical, you’re so unconventional, yeah yeah we get it. Stop trying to start flame wars and move on.

  • mallard

    @ John R

    Yuu should seriously start believeing what you hear, maybe then you’ll find out who the real opposition is, instead of living in your own fantasy world playing house and mutually masturbating everyone you come across that agrees with you.

    Grow some balls.

    And Hey Dano,

    Thanks for tyring to minimize my impact but your continuous replies prove otherwise.

    Its true, buddy boy, religion kills!

  • John R


    This has got to end. what good is going to come out of this. If what you want is a lime light, take it.

    I know where I stand.

  • DaveUS-EricUK

    Wow… where even to begin with this one…. Mallard, you clearly have so many issues it’s hard to know where to start.

    It is telling though , of a certain sector in our own community for whom equality is seen not necessarily as a good thing. With equal rights, comes equal responsibilities. There has been in many parts of our community (young and older) a feeling that if we don’t have the same rights then we don’t have to live by the same rules.

    In the case of Marriage, I am not shocked to read some people trashing it as “Mainstreaming”. I imagine that for some in the Gay Community, the idea that screwing around on your Partner might actually have legal consequences, would be kind of scary for them.

    Its sad to see people in our own community trash your family because they are terrified of examining their own life and choices.

    Thanks for all you do J&B And give our very best to the kids…

    Dave & Eric

  • mallard

    To all the bigots who think they’ll win the argument of same-sex marriage by calling christianity a distortion of its truth…you all are just living in some oprah bought and sold feel good “look politics does work” illusion…what stands in your way is so vast and corrupt it has you thinking it can be easily overcome. You christians will forever want it both ways. You gay christians, you defenders of masculinist and death care culture…Shame on you. You dont know how to dream, how can you? You get all your info on life from corporations, fuckin congress, christ . You all thought it was going to be easy…by voting it away…hey gay boys, now you know the truth and you’re bitching cause people like me are TRYING to tell you to flip it around a couple of more times. Are your heads that hard? Why do I even get myself worked over ineffectual blowhards with blogs? oh fuck…this homo says we dont deserve anything until we destroy the base institutions…I’m no slave like some of you turds. Yeah say I have issues, I fucking do, but dont say I was ever as dumb and foolhardy to believe in AmeriKKKA like you!

  • YellowRanger

    Gay christians are like Jewish Nazis. They make no sense at all, and they frighten and confuse me.

  • Quake

    As far as being a Gay Christian, Its like saying I’m a black KKK member. According to the source material the Christian faith subscribes to “The Holy Bible” clearly condemns your familys lifestyle yet you still find a way to condone the bible’s horrible homophobic behavior towards your whole movement.

    Do you realize its religion who has you fighting this battle for orientation acceptance? You have to purge yourself from these myth’s. You didn’t die that day Jay because you got lucky. There was no God from any heavans that made you survive the drop. Remember, there have be sucessful suicide attempts. You’re just another failed attempt.

  • Attmay

    @30 Daffy Duck:

    How old are you, twelve? Eleven? Is your age in the double digits?

    “You gay christians, you defenders of masculinist and death care culture…Shame on you.”

    So you are anti-male and anti-straw man of your own creation. Big surprise.

    “oh fuck…this homo says we dont deserve anything until we destroy the base institutions”

    So as long as marriage and family have not been destroyed, we should overturn Lawrence v. Texas because we don’t deserve equal protection from the law?

    “I’m no slave like some of you turds.”

    Yes you are. You are a slave to the outdated ideal of “gay liberation.” Furthermore, neither of them were forced into their marriage.

    “Yeah say I have issues, I fucking do, but dont say I was ever as dumb and foolhardy to believe in AmeriKKKA like you!”

    Then I suggest you move to Venezuela, Iran, Jamaica, or Gaza and see how much fucking more love you get than in this country.

    @31 Yellow Belly:

    “Gay christians are like Jewish Nazis. They make no sense at all, and they frighten and confuse me.”

    Gay liberationists are like REAL Nazis. We are witnessing the Digital Putsch of gay Christians (who are probably the only truly Christ-like Christians that I have ever seen). In fact, you may have just made me rethink my dislike of Christianity. Did Jay ever call for you to be fed to a wild animal? No.

    From here on in, the Ernst Rohm Amendment to Godwin’s Law is enforced: anyone who uses the term “Jewish Nazi” or “Black Klansman” automatically forfeits the argument.

  • MakeItNotBeTrue

    Davy Wavey – what a joke.

  • John R


    Please stop this. Your not changing no ones minds about your views. Stop the H8

  • Attmay

    @ 27 Daffy Duck:

    “Its true, buddy boy, religion kills!”

    Like it just killed at Ft. Hood, Texas. And that wasn’t a Christian or a gay man.

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