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Jay Leffew Is Sorry For Attacking Davey Wavey, But Not YouTube’s Apathetic Gays

Well look who’s come around? After launching a YouTube attack on fellow cewebrity Davey Wavey, Jay Leffew is sorry!

Proud gay daddy Jay acknowledges he “took out a little bit of my frustration with the gay community, and the larger gay YouTubers in general, on you Davey, and for that I am sorry.”

As you’ll recall, Maine’s marriage defeat was met with another shirtless video from Davey Wavey, and not a direct response about the outcome.

Adds Jay: “I’m not necessarily apologizing for the content of my video … I would like to say I’m sorry to you Davey for singling you out, for you were not what I was mad at. I was mad at the apathy in our community more than anything else, and I think I used you as kind of a scapegoat. That being said, we had a little bit of a confusion, a little bit of a misunderstanding between the two of us. … I was very disappointed in that my fellow YouTubers, people with a large subscription base, didn’t take the time and energy to focus on a very important issue to our community.”

As Jay name-drops, some of YouTube’s biggest gays ignored the news from Maine, and instead kept with their entertainment focus. Well, yeah.

For now, Davey Wavey hasn’t responded to Jay’s attack, or apology. And we’re not sure he will. But watch his next clip, and see if his nipples send any clues.