JCPenney Debuts Ellen DeGeneres’s Ads During The Gay Super Bowl

We usually associate the Academy Awards with designer couture than sensibly priced casualwear, but national retailer JCPenney is rolling out its new ads starring Ellen DeGeneres during Sunday’s Oscars telecast. (Check out some outtakes above.)

It’s been a win-win situation ever since the right-wing group One Million Moms pushed for a boycott of the store for hiring “an open homosexual spokesperson.” As the victim of bullies, Ellen became even more beloved by the American public and Penny was able to connect with a demographic that probably hasn’t shopped there since they were kids.

JCPenney will unveil five commercials in total during the Oscars broadcast. We kinda wish Ellen had managed to snag hosting duties on Sunday too—we’re not particularly psyched for four hours of Billy Crystal mugging at the camera and giving shout outs to Jack Nicholson.