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Jeanine Pirro’s brain short circuits after being called out for her hypocrisy on live TV

Jeanine Pirro

Jeanine Pirro just got owned.

The pugnacious Judge Jeanine, who’s usually ranting and raving about various conspiracy theories on Fox News, was left speechless when one of her co-hosts pointed out her hypocrisy regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

On “The Five” Tuesday, Jessica Tarlov, the lone liberal on the panel, was talking about the need to properly inform people about the safety of vaccination.

“You need to find some safe middle ground where people know the vaccine is safe for you,” she said.

But before Tarlov could complete her thought, Pirro interrupted with an audible groan.

Tarlov responded with the perfect dig.

“What do you mean? You’re fine, you’re vaccinated,” she said.

One, two, three, four, five, six…

“It’s your turn,” Tarlov prodded her silent colleague after several awkward seconds.

“It’s your segment,” Pirro responded, sheepishly.


Pirro, who was once pulled from the air for her rampant Islamophobia, is far from the only Fox News host who cosplays as an extreme right-winger for her exploitable audience.

As hosts were deriding vaccine mandates on the air, Fox Corporation was insisting that employees in its New York City office receive the shot. Over 90% of Fox’ employees were vaccinated in late 2021, according to the company.

The hypocrisy regarding Fox News and vaccines goes straight to the top. Rupert Murdoch, the malevolent and nonagenarian owner of Fox Corp., required proof of vaccination for guests at his 90th birthday party–and also subjected attendees to a nose swab upon entry.

In other words, execs and hosts encouraged their viewers to refuse the COVID-19 vaccine, while secretly taking the potentially life-saving jab themselves.

This, of course, is just Fox’s M.O.

During Dominion’s lawsuit defamation lawsuit against the network, which the voting machine company settled for a historic $787.5 million, we learned the same superstar personalities who were publicly peddling Donald Trump‘s lies about voter fraud were trashing the disgraced ex-president via private emails and text messages.

Tucker Carlson, for example, called the preposterous theories “absurd” and “shockingly reckless.” (Shortly after the Dominion settlement, Fox fired Carlson. He now hosts a smutty and irrelevant Internet show on Twitter X.)

Pirro was also a central player in Dominion’s suit against Fox, as the once-respected prosecutor welcomed kooky Trump lawyer Sidney Powell on her show and spewed avalanches of lies. In fact, her election fraud content was so egregious, a producer warned she should be taken off of the air.

Fox ultimately canceled Pirro’s Saturday night program and stuck her on “The Five,” where she talks way less.

Tuesday’s exchange was far from the first time Pirro has embarrassed herself in front of a camera. At the onset of the pandemic, she seemingly showed up to her show plastered, and was visibly disheveled. She later denied ever being drunk at work.

The anti-gay alleged wineaholic was also trolled by The Good Liars comedy duo before CPAC in 2021.

With a dismal track record like that, maybe it’s better for Pirro to just keep her mouth shut.