anti-gay defectors

Jeff Angelo Once Wanted to Stop Your Wedding. Now He Wants to Stop NOM.

Poor NOM. Their supporters just keep peeling off like so many garments at a strip club.

The latest defector: former Iowa Senator Jeff Angelo. Not so long ago, he sponsored an anti-gay constitutional amendment. Not anymore! This week he launched “Iowa Republicans for Freedom,” a group of right-wingers who’ve suddenly noticed that it’s not OK for the government to get all up in gay peoples’ weddings.

“The freedom to marry is an issue of personal freedom,” he says. “The stability and responsibility of marriage and the sanctity of personal liberty are the foundations of conservative values. We should be glad those values are spreading and being embraced in so many walks of life.”

You always hear about people coming over to our side, but when’s the last time you heard someone say “you know, I’ve been thinking, and that Maggie Gallagher has really won me over”?

How’s the response been? Well, the Iowa Independent notes that other Republicans have mixed feelings. Some are giving him a thumbs-up, but Chad Airhart, head of the Iowa Republican County Officials Organization, says that our marriages are comparable to incest and polygamy.

Chad, if you can’t tell the difference between statutory rape and two adults in a supportive, committed, healthy, long-term relationship, maybe you are the one who should not be allowed to get married.