Jeff Gannon Gets New Gig

Hustler-turned-journo Jeff Gannon has found himself a new gig: event coordinator for the International Bible Reading Association’s National Day of Prayer! Washington Post‘s Dana Milbank explains:

Gannon, actually a pseudonym for James Guckert, had earned fame in 2005 representing a conservative Web site at White House briefings until it was revealed that he posted nude pictures of himself on the Web to offer his services as a $200-an-hour gay escort.

Let us pray for the power to understand how Gannon made his way from to the International Bible Reading Association.

Something tells us he didn’t blow his way into this one.

Maybe the House of Representatives’ pastor, Rev. Daniel P. Coughlin – who used your tax dollars to promote the James Dobson-endorsed event – took pity on his sinful soul.

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