Jeff Slater Now Collecting Unemployment

In what could be America’s longest public firing, JetBlue has released slide expert Steven Slater from his corporate blues. Slater’s camp insists he wasn’t fired, but resigned. Wait, so he can’t collect unemployment, can he? Somebody call Howard Bragman and find out; he doesn’t take our calls.

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  • S

    Please, enough about this man.

  • Swimmer - Chicago

    Slater should be sent to jail instead. At least he can’t harm the citizens anymore – I don’t think any airline will hire him!

  • Rick Brannon

    @Swimmer – Chicago: Harm citizens?

    How? By being fat and unattractive?

  • Brent

    You most certainly can collect unemployment under a “forced resignation” scenario. AKA- If I didn’t quit, I was going to get fired.


    Now that Project Runaway Flight Attendent has some time on his hands, he may be looking to reconnect with his long lost Father………


  • Richard

    Yes, I too am interested in hearing how this man…who was attacked by a crazed customer…”harmed citizens”.

  • Michael

    The net effect is the same. He’s not working for Jet Blue anymore, which is what he wanted.

  • justiceontherocks

    His lawyer said he resigned. If you settle with your employer by resigning you can bet one of the conditions is you waive the right to collect unemployment.

  • Scott

    I think that telling a passenger over the intercom “FU”, and saying “thanks for the memories” to all the rest, then deploying and jumping down the slide, and not assisting any needy passenger to disembark is the same as saying “I QUIT!” There’s no doubt. No unemployment. Jet Blue should have made that clear the day after the event. Under no circumstance should he have been allowed back on company grounds.

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