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Jeff Stryker, Gay Bob, Billy And Other Homosensual Dolls Are Remembered By These Queens

It’s the tally of the dolls! Comic Mike Diamond and pal Matinga take a trip down memory lane and remember all their favorite playthings from childhood, such as “Gay Bob,” which sported a fabulously colorful wardrobe and whose packaging made him appear to burst from his closet. The duo also recall the more recent Jeff Stryker figurine and the popular Billy doll, both featuring realistic male genitalia, or as Matinga suggests “a mini-huge Jeff Stryker penis.” We’re also reminded of Barbie’s pal Magic Earring Ken, who not only showed off a single earring, but was clad in a purple mesh shirt with coordinating vest and sported a lengthy gold chain adorned with something that resembled an impressive cock ring.

Note to HBO: let’s get some anatomically correct Looking action figures in the marketplace pronto.

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