Jeffree Star accuser was paid $45K to recant sexual assault claim, new report says

In a report published in OctoberInsider painted a damning picture of allegations of sexual misconduct and physical assault against multimillionaire YouTube makeup personality Jeffree Star. In one instance, Star allegedly used a taser on Gage Arthur in 2009, who was a homeless teenager at the time, then invited him back to his apartment, gave him an Ambien, and “forcibly performed oral sex on him without his consent.”

Arthur later recanted his story, and reached out to other Insider sources to offer them $10,000 each, allegedly on behalf of Star, to do the same.

In a new investigation released this week, Insider says it has confirmed with documentation including a 2017 cashier’s check and a cashier’s check receipt that Arthur received hush payments of $45,000 from Scott C. Andrews, CFO of Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Of that $45K, $25K was for Arthur to recant his allegations against Star, and $20K was for convincing the two other aforementioned accusers to do the same.

Previously, Star had used the fact that these accusers refused to substantiate Insider’s claims as proof of his full innocence.