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Jeffree Star teases photo of new “NFL boo” and now everyone’s trying to guess who the mystery man is

Jeffree Star wearing a pink blazer
credit: Instagram

On Sunday, it was revealed the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs will play before and after Rihanna’s Super Bowl concert on February 12th.

With that settled, the biggest football news occupying the attention of the internet is the identity of controversial beauty influencer Jeffree Star’s new “NFL boo.”

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Over the weekend, Star managed to bring makeup and sports fans together after he shared an image holding hands on a private plane with an unidentified new man who allegedly has something to do with the National Football League.

“Goodbye LA, time to spend time with my #NFL boo in Wyoming,” Star tweeted.

While it is known that Star owns a multi-million dollar ranch in the Cowboy state, cyber sleuths went on overdrive looking for clues to track down who the mystery boyfriend could be.

Online detectives were quick to pinpoint the “NFL boo” in question was wearing Vans sneakers and then attempted to make assumptions based on the size of his feet, his exposed ankles, and even suspected markings on his hands.

The social media private investigators laid out their evidence:

Currently, the only out player in the NFL is Tampa Bay Buccaneers outside linebacker Carl Nassib. Earlier this month, Nassib confirmed his relationship with Danish swimmer Søren Dahl. 

With Nassib off the list, the identity of Star’s new man would appear to leave it to a closeted athlete or someone else working within the NFL organization.

Regardless of their identity, the intrigue over Star’s new paramour has also managed to get the attention of a demographic that was previously most elusive to the cosmetic mogul: straight male jocks.

Heterosexual inquiring minds want to know:

Star riled up frenzy even further by later sharing an update arriving in Wyoming and included new tidbits which disclosed his unnamed lover’s skills in the kitchen.

“Woke up and we’re snowed in… I love a man who can cook & enjoy chill time,” Star captioned a photo of his vehicle amid a blizzard covered landscape.

Time will tell if  Star reveals the identity of his new man or if it is just his latest PR stunt. In between teasing his new romance, Star–who has had a problematic past, to stay the least–has been sharing updates to new products and preparing to launch his first brick and mortar retail store in Wyoming.

For now, fans will have to keep guessing until the mystery man’s identity is revealed or the hype blows over and everyone moves on with their lives.

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