Jenna Bush Can Write, Presumably Read

We always took First Daughter Jenna Bush to be nothing more than a two-bit drunken slag, so we’re pleasantly surprised to hear that she’s writing a book on a 17-year old HIV positive single mother in Panama. Ana’s Story: A Journey of Hope stems from her work with UNICEF. The presidential off-spring explains:

I have been inspired by my work with adolescents in Central and South America… These young people have faced extreme hardships and exclusion but are strong in spirit and have an incredible will to succeed. Through their stories, it is my hope to motivate young Americans to increase their awareness of other young people around the world: to learn about the challenges they face, how they triumph over adversity, and to become involved in helping them.

Ms. Bush will reportedly be paid about 300,000, most of which will go to UNICEF. We don’t know why she can’t donate all of it. Maybe her family’s running out of dough or something. Or maybe she’s just greedy…