Breaks With Daddy Over AIDS Policy

Jenna Bush Likes Safe Sex

Jenna Bush may love her father, President Bush, but she’s not loving his HIV/AIDS policies. In a piece on Ms. Bush’s new AIDS-centric book, Ana’s Story, Newsweek‘s Lorraine Ali writes:

Safe sex is encouraged through-out her new book, even though the Bush administration’s hotly contested HIV-prevention campaign was built around a staunch “abstinence only” message. “In Africa my dad’s policies are pretty much in line with mine, but not domestically,” says Bush, referring to her father’s ABC (abstain, be faithful, use a condom) policy in Africa. “But it’s a personal decision. All of us want our kids to be safe, and there’s no doubt that condoms make our kids safe…It’s important they stay protected and protect others.”

But what about marriage?!