Jenna Calls Bush On ‘Ellen’

Jenna Bush popped into Ellen DeGeneres talk show today. And, like a good patriot, DeGeneres forced the first daughter to ring up her daddy, President Bush.

Young Jenna seemed excited at first, but the dread soon sets in: “I’m going to get into trouble… I’m not going to get any Christmas presents”. All for calling her father on national television? Sheesh, the Bush’s must run their house like Guantanamo.

No, but seriously, Bush eventually gets on the line and sounds, well, kind of sweet. We were almost endeared, but then remember all his past sins and our Awwwww” turned in “Ahhhhhh!”

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  • Leland Frances

    Is Ellen on some subconscious, pathological path to intentionally destroy all her credibility with her community?

    Her segment with TR Knight was right on, but she’s also treated guest comic DL Hughley as if he were not the homophobe that he is. Then there’s the appalling, hysterical puppy saga—not gay-related per se but ongoing gay inequality is but ONE of the issues she SHOULD be publicly crying about.

    And now she “normalizes” and humanizes George Bush fils one of the greatest enemies the gay community has ever had, not to mention an unindicted war criminal. What next, a live satellite hookup with Osama Bin Laden to discuss Ramadan?

    It’s time to boycott Ellen!

  • Leland Frances

    I think there are too many blacks on queerty. Come the new millennium, the number of African American adults behind bars will hit the million mark for the first time, That represents nearly an eightfold increase from three decades ago, when there were only 133,226 blacks in prison.
    By 2010, roughly one in 5 black men will be or will have been in prison. Keep them behind bars.

  • Leland Frances

    OK. The fake Leland is back and still the pond scum that he/she/it was before. And, again, I say thanks for the compliment. If my opinions so upset someone that he/she/it needs to try to attempt to discredit me with racist or religionist or other kinds of fake posts then I must be accomplishing something. Thanks again!

  • Jack Jett

    Unless Jenna was promoting the book, My Dad Is A Big Fucking Dumbass War Criminal, then Ellen was wrong to buy into such right wing propaganda.

    Her street cred will go down the toilet in on flush.

  • DavidDust

    Leland Frances has an Evil Twin?!? WTF?!?

  • Leland Frances

    OK. One more time, for the bitches who cannot read. The fake Leland is back and still the pond scum that he/she/it was before. And, again, I say thanks for the compliment. If my opinions so upset someone that he/she/it needs to try to attempt to discredit me with racist or religionist or other kinds of fake posts then I must be accomplishing something. Thanks again!

  • JennaJenna

    What does all that have to do with Jenna and Ellen? Is Leland using a second Leland to get all the shit off his chest and then take it back? It is like someone calling you fat – and then saying, just kidding. They got to say it, hurt you, and then was able to take it back. Leland needs to take a look at himself.

  • praenomenal

    Come on. It was pure fluff and kinda sweet.

    George Bush is a terrible president, and probably a war criminal. But he is also a human being. She had his daughter on and they called him, so what. Is every queer who ever associates with a neo-con suddenly bad? No. There are times and places for policy.

    I thought it was really sweet. I would never vote for the man, but come on.

  • DaHood

    I agree. We cannot pick our parents. LOL – tell Leland’s mom and dad.

  • Gary

    That is the deal – George will embrace and ‘love’ any gay in his family or circle of Republican friends but at the same time criminalize other gays (like he did with the TX gays and their sodomy law). He literally campaigns to change the Constitution of the USA with new language to demonize gays while cozying up to his own closeted buddies. Remember Log Cabin, you are only ‘accepted’ as long as you keep your real life private.

  • ohnonotthat

    I thought that entire segment was surreally subversive. I don’t dock Ellen any “gay points” for having a Bush on the show (pun intended). The housewives who watch her show need to see someone who doesn’t run away from the idiots in the Right wing screaming and hollaring.
    Ellen’s fans clearly know she’s gay, and probably couldn’t help but notice that the demon on the other end of the line hates her for it.
    What, Bush’s head didn’t explode as he talked to a — gasp — lesbian? The Lord didn’t reach down and slap him? No. In fact, the President was forced to be cordial to her.
    I like the in-your-face attitudes of other celebrities and activists, but coming from the Midwest, I also know Middle America needs to see people like white bread Ellen.
    As I see it, every time she invites these people on her show, Ellen’s pointing out their hypocrisy and ignorance, however subversively.

  • poorpoorlibbielesbies

    G. W. is a war criminal? In this fags eyes he is a war HERO. Any questions? Deal with your hate.

  • Leland Frances

    ohno, you give people FAR too much credit! If they already disagreed with his demonization of gays they wouldn’t be letting him get away with it. They saw “nice” Ellen be nice to him ipso facto he must not be so bad. Thought bubble: “Well America’s #1 Lesbian treated him just like anyone else so he MUST be okay.”

    What the housewives who watch her show occasionally need to see is her not running from idiots in the Right wing but calling bullshit on them or not having their spawn on to generate an ick-making “let’s call the President” moment.

    If it was okay for her to effectively flame Isaiah Washington in absentia for using the F word [and it certainly was] then surely something remotely similar is appropriate for the man who would rip us out of the US Constitution! Or don’t book any of the Bush Mob at all.

  • Leland Frances

    poorpoor. That would be “fag’s eyes” with an apostrophe and you can kiss my hate and blow me at the same time.

  • hells kitchen guy

    Jenna wrote a book about dealing with AIDS. Why hate on her because her dad’s a bastard? You guys would have been great in Puritan New england.

  • Leland Frances

    1. The focus of this discussion has been on her father and Ellen. No one’s been “hating on” [where DID you learn English?] Jenna.

    2. But, now that you mention it, let’s consider that her “book about dealing with AIDS” is one of the safe, noncontroversial ones. Her subject, a straight woman, was infected as a child. So she’s one of the classic “innocent victims of AIDS”—not one of those dirty fags. The topic of mother-to-child transmission IS very important. It’s estimated that a third of the pregnant women in South Africa are HIV positive and too few of them have access to the medicines/information that would prevent infecting their fetuses.

    3. Still, as more than one person has suggested: instead of writing books about AIDS “innocents” she should be talking to her father about the obscene requirements of his HIV/AIDS funding programs that require the teaching of abstinence and discouragement of the use of condoms. Brazil turned down $40 million, repeat, MILLION in assistance because of that requirement. Some AIDS experts blame Bush for the deaths of more people than Reagan because they were denied access to condoms.

    So there.


  • poorpoorlibbielesbies

    HMMM. Seems to me the libbies have so effectively overplayed their hard heart with a good man so extreme that they could not contain themselves to try to hold back just enough to see THE WORLD’S BEST PRESIDENT EVER ELECTED OTHER THAN PERHAPS REAGAN. Now anything slipping out of their libbie mouths sounds old and tired, spent and wrong. In other words: BUSH HATERS-YOU DONE RAN OUTTA STEAM. take cover the real truth about this good man is about to backslap ya all….

  • Mike

    That actually was interesting; I’ve always wondered, can someone just “call” the president? I mean, she must have to dial a PIN to even get through to the secretary.

    But you know, with all this talk about whether Bush personally hates Ellen, the reality is, the person G. W. Bush is not the same as the president, and I don’t think the person cares or dislikes whether people are gay. But inside the political machine that Rove built him, Bush the president has to come down hard on gays.

    Bush has close personal gay friends, and and when those gay friends visit, Bush admits they sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom together; Laura Bush’s best friend is a lesbian; Condoleeza Rice, Bush’s most trusted person, is a lesbian; and the Bush’s HOME parish in Crawford presides over civil union ceremonies. THAT’S the place of worship the Bush’s personally attend! His daughters are gay friendly and a few years ago reportedly attended a friend’s gay marriage ceremony.

    Bush doesn’t personally believe 60% the garbage he tries to force on us, that’s the most infuriating, disgusting part. I think it makes him a worse person than if he actually did believe what he was saying. But as all politicians, he panders to his base.

    At the end of this clip though, did anyone else
    catch that he sounds tipsy??

  • Leland Francis

    I am just a big mouth ass hole who never made it in the world – OK I admit it. What a loser. I live in a burbs – not even in Manhattan – what is an asshole to do?

  • Glenn

    Daddy sounded drunk.

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