Jennifer Hudson Goes All Night With Drag Queens!

Jennifer Hudson has turned out a catchy new underground club song “Go All Night.” For the music video, released today, she painted it up alongside New York drag queens Miss Fame, Svetlana Stoli and Ebonee Excell. Socialite and writer Michael Musto also makes an appearance.

The shoot took place in Brooklyn and was completed in one day. Svetlana says that at first she was a little overwhelmed working with Jennifer Hudson. “Hello, she’s an Oscar Winner for god’s sake!” Soon, however the cast bonded and relaxed. Svetlana explained, “Jennifer was so easy-going and sweet, I literally fell in love. I even told her to adopt me. She said yes. So I’m still waiting.”

The video, directed by Roboshobo, has a fun 90’s club feel. It’s got an attitude-free “secret rave that your friend told you about” good time vibe and could be just the thing to chase away the winter blues!

Jennifer looks fantastic, as do our sickening queens! She chants, “Don’t stop giving me all your devotion, don’t stop giving me all your heart.”  Who knows more about giving it all their heart than drag queens! Not to mention dancing and having a good time!

Check out these exclusive behind the scenes pictures from the shoot:

Jennifer Hudson Svetlana Stoli Go all night
Jennifer Hudson with Svetlana Stoli
Jennifer Hudson Svetlana Stoli Michael Musto behind the scenes bts Go all night
Ebony Excell, Svetlana Stoli, Michael Musto and Jennifer Hudson relax between takes.
Jennifer Hudson Svetlana Stoli Miss Fame NYC behind the scenes bts Go all night
“Go All Night” video cast members.


Jennifer Hudson Miss Fame NYC Go all night
Jennifer Hudson with Miss Fame. Image credit:

Watch: Gorgon City’s “Go All Night” featuring Jennifer Hudson, Miss Fame, Svetlana Stoli and Michael Musto

About Svetlana Stoli:

Svetlana Stoli is a Russian-born drag Queen based in NYC. Victor Riffel (her real name) was born and raised in Russia, and Svetlana was born just a little more than a year ago in NYC. Victor graduated from the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts and decided to follow his American Dream and get his MFA in the states. Victor was awarded a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship and began working on his Masters in Musical Theatre at Tulane University in New Orleans. Russia, meanwhile, began passing more and more discriminatory laws agains gays, so Victor applied for a political asylum in the U.S. He moved to New York City and, following cravings to perform, started doing drag with the help of the scene queens of the city Pusse Couture, Maddelynn Hatter and the legendary Sherry Vine. Today Svetlana is one of the hard-working girls in the city. You can find her every week at Boots and Saddle (Fridays 6-8pm) and The Cock (Tuesdays 7-11pm). HK lounge (Sunday noon-4pm, on alternating weeks) and, of course, at every party and event organized by scene promoter Brandon Voss (including RuPaul’s Drag Race events in NYC).