Jennifer Lawrence Draws Inspiration From “Slutty Power Lesbians”



Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but style is quantifiable.

It’s either there, or it isn’t.

And in the fairy-tale realm of A-list celebrities, it’s got to be tough to decide which way to take your style when designers are tripping over themselves throwing free goodies your way. It’s a first-world problem like no other.

But the ever-approachable Jennifer Lawrence has a secret to looking great and sticking to her roots.

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When asked to describe her style in three words, the Joy actress offered an unlikely incantation:

“‘Slutty power lesbian.’ That is literally what I say to a stylist,” she told Glamour Magazine’s February issue.

“I don’t know if that’s offensive…” she added.

She continued by differentiating this style choice from many of her Dior red carpet looks:

“Well, first of all, Dior is its own house that’s very feminine and beautiful; this past press tour every dress was just phenomenal,” she said.

“So you don’t see me as a slutty power lesbian on the red carpet a lot, because I’m embodying the Dior woman, which is an honor.”

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J.Law went on to explain that many designers don’t flatter her figure:

“I’ve got tits and an ass. And there are things that are made for skinny people – like a lot of embroidery, or it covers a lot – and those make me look fat.

“I have to show the lumps. If you have boobs, you have to show, like, ‘These are boobs. This isn’t cellulite.’

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

Nor is there anything wrong with slutty power lesbians. We’ll just add this to the ever-expanding list of reasons we love Jennifer.

h/t: PinkNews