Jennifer Lopez Beards For Dates Bradley Cooper

Jennifer doesn’t date regular people: If you want to wine and dine Jenny from the Block you have to be B+ list at the very least. Now that she’s single again, La Lopez is free to go on a candlelit dinner with Bradley Cooper at New York’s Per Se. It’s the kind of warm, intimate place where you can really get to know someone after you’ve notified the paparazzi.   (Jezebel tells us an average bill there is just under $900.)

Now why are we telling you this, Queerty readers?  It’s not like there are persistent gay rumors surrounding Cooper.  Or that Lopez’s ex, Marc Anthony, was linked to alleged closet case Jada Pinkett just as her marriage was allegedly imploding. Allegedly.

Via TMZ, Jezebel. Image via BenYup


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  • Ralph H

    Tragic they are propping this mediocre guy up to be a ‘big’ star. Also looks like he has had some work done at his young age – hmmm.

  • Robert in NYC

    Somehow my gaydar reacts when I see Bradley Cooper. I could be wrong of course, just saying.

  • Marie Cohn

    What has Victor Garber got to say about Bradley’s latest pathetic bearding stunt?

  • remy

    Bradley Cooper isn’t gay

  • prohomo

    @remy: How do you know?

  • Michael

    lol On the net anyone can say anything that doesnt mean it is true.Do you have any evidence to support your claim?

  • ChiGuy76

    @Marie Cohn: a while back there was a rumor that Victor Garber and Bradley Cooper were dating.

  • TanyaHyde

    Wow, an unidentified New Jersey woman claims to have had an affair with Jada Pinkett – and that’s all you need to crank up the snark/innuendo machine Queerty?

    I would expect nothing less…

  • fredo777

    Until I see Bradley Cooper in another man’s bed (namely, mine), I don’t buy these allegations that he’s gay.

  • Atlas

    If he is gay, I wish he could come out. He could do a lot of good.

  • Truthteller

    Bradley Cooper isn’t gay. I know one of his best friends who’s a producer in Hollywood, and I’ve met Bradley myself….he’s very good looking, but I got no gay vibe at all!

    Now Anderson Cooper is gay. I know his ex-lover and he’s told me AC is currently dating some French guy. Much like Jodie Foster, AC feels his personal life is just that…personal. And as far as I can tell…AC has never been in the closet. You don’t see Wolf Blitzer running around telling people he’s straight….why would AC need to? Its not like AC has married a woman, or claims to be ‘dating’ Cameron Diaz! He is what he is….

    And why is it that publicists love to use Cameron Diaz…every gay man in Hollywood (or NYC!) has ‘dated’ CD!

  • Red Meat

    Cooper is not gay and that’s not your gaydar, that’s your erect penis.

  • So Yo

    @Truthteller: So one has to give off a gay vibe to be gay?

  • AP

    Even though he is the hottest man in the whole wide universe I rather doubt he is gay.. unfortunately !

  • fredo777

    @AP: “Even though he is the hottest man in the whole wide universe”

    I know looks are subjective, but I soo very much disagree.

  • newcityspot

    I was just opening the article to expect a lot of commenters to say that he is gay, which I believed I was going to be the only one to say that I don’t think he’s gay at all, but what a nice surprise! A lot of these commenters also don’t think he’s gay.

    I don’t pick him up on my gaydar at all, and I’ve tried to see if there was any reading by seeing him in interviews and I have no suspicions that he’s secretly gay.

    In any case, if you haven’t already, check out his visit to Inside The Actors Studio with James Lipton. I went from thinking he was a douchebag to having complete respect for him as a person and as an actor. It’s really quite an amazing and moving interview. He really was emotionally moved to revisit the school where he was trained. He’s a really cool person so I think he actually deserves respect instead of this ridiculous speculation that he’s a closeted homosexual. Who cares if he is? In homophobic Hollywood, if he were to come out, it could extinguish his realized dream and passion to make a living as a working actor. Let him have his cake!

  • JoeyO'H

    Victor Garber took Cooper as his date to the Golden Globes some years back. Fact.

  • Michael

    I read this bit this morning in the paper and I almost died laughing. Let’s see, closet case Cooper used to date beard Renee Zellweger who used to be married to closet case Kenny Chesney but is now dating beard Lopez who used to date closet case Anthony who “hooked up” with closet case Jade who is married to closet case Will Smith. What’s pathetic is EVERYONE in the media knows about these people being gay yet they’re the first ones to report a “romantic dinner” with any of them. Just f’n pathetic.

  • Tommy Shepherd

    I sometimes get the impression that Jack from Will and Grace is writing for Queerty. Is there anyone in Hollywood who ISN’T gay? I know statistically some of them must be straight. Like 1% or something.

  • drewa24

    You know who I wish would go BACK in the closet, Nate Berkus. This tool is the definition of soporific. He’s an excellent example of an average, acceptable, marginalized fag, that hetero’s deem non-threatening, even amusing. Please Nate, I have run out of ideas about how to use that vintage Hermes mohair throw I found at the Goodwill, any tips? Nate, what do I do with my collection of antique Cartier sterling boxes, should I group them together on my Biedermeier Hall table or scatter them around my Madison ave pied-a-tier? Nate I’m conflicted, the $350 dollar a yard Scalamandre Ikat print or the $600 dollar a yard Lee Jofa tonal taffeta stripe? Also my children are drug addicts and my husband likes to sleep with men…can ya help?

    And Bradley Cooper is a HUGE queer!! Excellent.

  • newcityspot

    @drewa24: Are you Drew Droege?!

  • Marcus

    How transparent is this?


  • Mykey

    @drewa24: LOL! you made my day!!!

  • Mykey

    @drewa24: LOL! you made my day!!! You have to admit, there’s something sexy about dark-haired white guys with blue, green or gray eyes! Same for Nate

  • Mykey

    @drewa24: LOL! you made my day!!! You have to admit, there’s something sexy about dark-haired white guys or dark-skinned guys with blue, green or gray eyes! Same for Nate

  • drewa24

    @newcityspot: Wishful thinking. @Mykey: Anytime and agreed, If Nate could just keep his mouth SHUT, and perhaps epilady those pubes off his Bristol Palin chin from time to time, maybe I wouldn’t feel so compelled to smack him.

  • If coming out...

    I don’t think he’s gay, but if coming out meant being counted among many of you vicious cunts, one could hardly blame the guy for keeping quite about it all. As it stands, I occassionally like his movies, think he’s a great body, and beautiful eyes. Beyond that, I could care less. Perhaps some of you should pay more attention to bigger issues facing us these days instead of the incessant is he/he is game (cuz there’s never REALLY a question for you is there?) Esp. when it comes to cute guys–and it only ever seems to be the cute guys.

  • xander

    I won’t believe BC is gay or bi until he is seen with Reese Witherspoon!

  • JoeyB

    Who is he? And who is Victor Garbage?

  • xtiaan

    yawn, who cares?

  • Interesting

    @xtiaan:Apparently you.

  • Cinesnatch

    This comments make me chuckle.

  • JoeyO'H

    Actor Victor Garber, who is gay, played in the tv film “Liberace” in the title role and also on “24” as well as various movies and tv.

  • Mike

    A lot of you say he can’t be gay,but how do you know that either , unless you are personally sleeping with Cooper and have evidence of it , than you don’t who he is sleeping with, I don’t know if Cooper is gay or not , but does it really matter either way he is probably never going to sleep with me or with any of you so dream on.

  • Lindsay

    He’s gay and this is coming from a straight woman. No offense but it seems like gay men like to believe every man is gay and say that about everyone. I have gay friends who do this and it looks really delusional and desperate but in this case, they are right. I know a woman from US Weekly who knows for a fact he’s gay but they dont out celebrities so they are keeping it a secret.

  • Friend of a friend of a friend of a friend

    @Lindsay: Weird, because I have a friend whose brother is married to a woman who works at Women’s Wear Daily, and she *definitely* knows he’s straight.

  • Meh

    He’s straight and this too is coming from a woman who know someone from People who says he’s NOT…gay that is!

  • TheShadowNose


    Regardless of what ‘vibe’ you think you got, BC is gay. He was gay in college and he’s gay now. His wife left him after catching him in bed with a man. And yes, this is more than a ‘vibe.’

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