Jennifer Lopez’s Lesbian Drama Gets The Green Light From ABC Family

Jennifer Lopez‘s lesbian drama, The Fosters, just got picked up by ABC Family—meaning we could be looking at (at least) four shows this fall with queer relationships at their core.

Executive-produced by J-Lo, Bradley Bredeweg and Queer as Folk‘s Peter Paige, the Fosters follows two mommies—a cop and a teacher—who are raising adopted twins and a biological son.

Obviously, the runaway success of Modern Family has gotten networks in a tizzy to launch the next breakout hit with a gay relationship. In addition to The Fosters, NBC is launching the New Normal—about a gay couple and the surrogate carrying their baby—and CBS has Partners, about two architects (one gay, one straight) and their signifcant others.

For our sake we hope they all do well—if one crashes and burns, we’ll hear the shouts that “America’s not ready for it!” and it’ll be another decade before we say a gay kiss on a prime-time series

Photo: Ana Cley