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Jennifer Smetters: Only Give Gays Equal Rights When America Wants It, Just Like We Did For Blacks!

Fall in love with attorney Jennifer Smetters, a regular on Fox News, who managed to make Bill O’Reilly sound reasonable last night! Because the majority of the country (she says) doesn’t support same-sex marriage, knocking down Prop 8 was an activist judicial move. See, when Americans gave non-whites equal rights in the last century, “it was a swell of the country” getting behind the decision, and “not one man.” It was right then, but wrong now. Somehow?

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  • Mark Alexander

    Why aren’t these right-wing women home making babies like their philosophy tells them they should be?

  • Cam

    So I can assume that she never saw the archival footage of the national guards having to protect black students as they went to white schools for the first time. I get that she was probably hired because she looks good on camera, but isn’t somebody on Fox at least a LITTLE embarassed that they are promoting somebody who is completely ignorant of the not too distant past?


    What is this crazy crunt Jennifer Smetters smokin??? The entire nation was behind giving Blacks equal rights?? How bout half the nation ceded from the nation over the question of releasing the chains of slavery from the blacks???

    And silly me, the pictures I have seen from the civil rights era of releasing dogs and firing fire hoses full blast at blacks didn’t strike me as a “swell of support” for them………

  • GregorVonK

    I thought Anna Nicole was dead.

  • PTB

    If this story is about Jennifer Smetters’ comments, then why does the screen shot that accompanies it only show Tamara Holder?
    It’s not like that’s the first frame of video from this clip–you don’t even see either of these ladies until nearly 1 minute in?
    A little more thought into this type of thing would help people take you more seriously when you delve into real news.

  • Nunya Bizness

    The US Media baffles me… because I can never figure out who it supports (and it’s also insistent on not providing any real news).

    For the Conservatives —
    MALE Reps: they always trot out the radically conservative males that typify the entitled, sarcastic asshole who’s smiling in the camera; but who you know is beating his wife backstage then rushing into the limo to screw his secretary (Rush Limbaugh, Mr. O’Reilly).
    FEMALE Reps: Enter the sunny, giggly, big-breasted Barbie who, while having an often impressive pedigree, seems to have lost her brain somewhere between earning her degree and, later, making the sex-video with her executive level boss (who we later find out is an African American liberal). This somehow never seems to undermine her credibility; in fact — it seems to qualify her to make ridiculously inflammatory statements in her role as on-air representative of the extreme Right? (Carrie Prejean or Lady Lawyer / Sex Doll Miss Smetters above).

    For the Liberals —
    MALE: Often very insightful, qualified, charismatic, handsome and totally qualified for whatever position he holds; however has an unapologetic public reputation (or for some, a record) for being a total sex-fiend, drug-addict, booze-hound and materialistically-driven white-collar criminal. In short — he always mirrors the “frat-boy” best friend that you had in college (who’s parents usually had more money than Croesus) that you had in college (Blago; Clinton; Edwards; Maher).
    FEMALE: The very serious, smart Brunette type (also with impressive pedigree); who, despite her knowledge and intelligence — always seems to be so passionately invested in the subject being discussed, that she begins to stumble over the actual facts… and usually deteriorates into either an angry, ball-busting tyrant or a frustrated, annoyed mess. Either way, every interview ends with her being visibly PISSED-OFF while her Conservative Sex-Doll, Barbie counterpoint maniacally smiles at the camera in contrast. SIDENOTE: She’s also often either a discreet lesbian OR she’s screwing the Male Conservative Rep backstage — but can’t tell anyone about it because it WOULD undermine her credibility (which makes her even angrier during these discussions).

    Does anybody on ANY side (or in the middle) even relate to these people?

  • bluenosedive

    Lol…patriotic blondie has an American flag behind her o_O?? Bias much??

  • Jon B

    The fact that this Jennifer Smetters woman ostensibly passed law school and the bar exam on any state really cheapens my accomplishments. To be a practicing attorney and not understand how the judiciary works in regards to constitutional questions… oh boy…

  • reason

    @Cam: “Looks good on camera?” She looks like a pig in heat!!!

  • Mike L.

    Pinky has her heart in the right place, but she mispoke quite a bit, and blue basically looked like what wouldda happened if anna nicole smith had giving enough blowjobs to her law professor in order to pass her and let her get a law degree.

  • desdemona

    the blonde on the right, smetters or whatever, would surely have been one of those against interracial marriage in the 60’s. She just says ‘oh well that was wrong back then, but this is different’ b/c we’re in this day in age. She’s a total fake.

  • Blake J

    The only reason black people got equal rights was because of the government, because if it was up to “popular” vote who knows if it would have ever happened!

  • Toby

    If we did civil rights by a vote, instead of being on TV, that bitch would be cleaning my house.

    It’s funny to me that women quickly forget that they have rights BECAUE a man decided it was’t fair…not that it was the POPULAR thing to do (it wasn’t), but the right thing to do.

    this lady makes me second guess if it was the right thing to do.

  • Pip

    I like how Bill doesn’t point out that this “one man” empowered the votes of 6.something million voters. Crack pottt

  • JJC

    Ew. The blonde girl. I want to punch her. Aside from the fact that she’s opposed to gay marriage, which is reason enough to not like her, you can tell how fake she is. That little smile thing she does makes me cringe every time.

  • Caelos

    @GregorVonK: LOL!
    I was thinking the same!!!

  • chris

    Jennifer Smetters is a real fucking cunt. She trys to sound intelligent by spewing out bullshit and has no fucking idea what the hell she’s even saying.

    She’s the perfect example of why America is so fucked up

  • bs19


    does it really matter what the screen shot is?
    if that keeps you from caring about the story then your a fucking idiot.

  • bs19


    if that keeps you from reading the story then your a fucking idiot. who cares who’s on the screen shot?

  • blue

    That Smetters phony bimbo…how did she pass the bar exam? She is as dumb as a box of hair.

  • momo

    @PTB: In my understanding, youtube video chooses the screenshot from a middle of the clip. There must be a rule (probably certain time point), but it seems almost random to most people.

    It’s not Queerty’s choice. Deal with it.

  • momo

    I believe that Ms. Smetters deserves a life sentence for that 80’s hair and wrong eye brows if fashion was law.

    Girls, remember. That’s what happens to you when you are not friendly to gays.

  • GB

    How in the hell was she able to pass the bar exam? She’s too much of a caricature to be real.

  • scott ny'er

    @GB: Umm. Cheating. Using her sex. I’m sure I can think of more as the day progresses.

  • scott ny'er

    @chris: Jennifer Smetters is a real fucking cunt. She trys to sound intelligent by spewing out bullshit and has no fucking idea what the hell she’s even saying.
    She’s the perfect example of why America is so fucked up
    Hmmm. SEE: Sarah Palin.

  • MrEguy

    One hundred years after Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, Black Americans were still being actively discriminating against in many ways. Not until the Supreme Court case, Loving v. Virginia in 1967, were Blacks and Whites allowed to marry one-another.

    If the rights of any minority are left up to popular vote, they will never be fully granted. That’s why we have the Constitution and the courts to interpret and enforce it.

  • Cameron

    She looks like a pornstar.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @MrEguy: I said it before and I’ll say it again.





  • Mysanthropic Destiny

    Basically the bottle blond is arguing that even if its wrong we should have it because the majority wants it.

  • justnow

    black still dont have some rights

    @Nunya Bizness: high-larious and sadly true

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