A Candid Interview With A Porn Star Turned Business Man

Jeremy Hall Pipes It Into Your Home

Jeremy Hall never in a million years would have imagined himself a porn star. In fact, the Canadian national started his adulthood as a construction worker, a lifestyle that proved too restrictive. Eager to show off and explore his burgeoning sexuality, Hall embarked on a career in flesh flicks. Hall wanted more, however, and soon launched his eponymous website, where he regularly recruits and penetrates college jocks.

How did this reformed closet case find his way from Vancouver into your home? He tells our editor, after the jump…

Andrew Belonsky: What was the impetus behind ClubJeremyHall.com? Had you been in porn before?

Jeremy Hall: Yeah, I’d been in pornography for three years. When I was twenty-two, I started with Falcon Studios. My first movie was Spokes 3. I’d met Roman Heart when I was in Vancouver. He’s from the Northwest, as well. We met a couple times at a nightclub and I got to talking to him and he told me about his work with Falcon Studios and I’d also known Brent Everett, who’s from Vancouver. I’m from Vancouver, by the way. I’m Canadian. And I met those two and they got me interested in the business and introduced me to Falcon and I started doing movies for Falcon Studios and did some movies for Chi Chi LaRue, Channel 1, Studio 2000, Jet Set – a lot of the big studios. I made the decision about a year ago that I had to go out on my own if I was going to be significant in this industry. It was going towards the web, I knew that. And I knew that I wanted to stay in the business. I didn’t really know what else I was going to do. And I enjoy it.

AB: Why were intrigued about getting into porn? Was it the money? Was it the sex?

JH: It wasn’t the money, no. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I’m an exhibitionist. It was also the fact that I had been closeted a lot. I was in the midst of coming out. It was something that was going to help me come out. I come from – my parents – my dad’s a carpenter and I worked construction for five years and I was doing that. I had a very closeted lifestyle. Around the same time, I was looking for something to cling on to that would kind of get me out. My friends were straight, but I was going to gay bars and I had gay friends secretly on the side. It was something that – as ridiculous as this sounds – it was this way for me to come out of the closet: force myself out.

AB: Did you lose your virginity on camera?

JH: No, I had sex before that, but I would slip in and out of the gay clubs. It was very new to me and it was all – I was really naive about how the gay world worked. Porn seemed like this really cool, free thinking type of thing to do. I thought, “What hell? I’m young.” I knew I was good looking enough to do it, so I gave it a shot.

AB: What was your first filming experience like?

JH: I was really nervous. It was for Falcon Studio’s Spoke 3. It was a really big production, it was probably one of Falcon’s largest of the year. There was a huge crew on set: a director, grips. It was very nerve wracking for someone’s first time, but I think I did good. I was able to stay hard most of the time and I threw in some good verbal lines and it was good.

AB: Then you decided to make the leap into starting your own business?

JH: I decided about a year ago that if I was going to be significant at all in this industry, I would have to make my own way. The big studios eat you up. I had always been good about not doing too many movies. It was never about the money they would give me. It was more of the fact that I had – being the star, becoming a big name and I looked at it and I said, “Well, I’ve got a name right now after two years in porn. Do I want to stay in this business or say I had fun and move on to something else.” I felt like I needed something more from the business. I felt like I wanted to explore it a bit more. Also, I wasn’t ready to go into something else. I knew it was in web, so I basically went and got a little Sony handicam – one of those little family cameras mom and dad would have – and I started getting my friends and paying them a hundred or something. It was very cheap and we’d do it my basement, we’d do it wherever. I have the videos on my website now, still. I’ve just some really good equipment, I’ve got professional lighting, I’ve got Sony – I basically have the same amount of equipment that any other studio would have right now, but I started small.