A Candid Interview With A Porn Star Turned Business Man

Jeremy Hall Pipes It Into Your Home

AB: What’s the pay scale for somebody who is in one of your movies? You go to Ohio State and –

JH: I will say that I’m on the lower end of what I pay in terms of the scale. And I don’t say that – I wish I could pay them more, but I pay them what I can pay them – what I think is fair considering the size of my company. And I will do other things for them. I will give them advice if they want to continue on in the business. I will help them put together a portfolio if they want to be a model. I will give them connections. But as far as the paying goes, it’s on the lower end of the scale.

AB: Alright. But you won’t tell us how much you pay?

JH: Oh. I would say I would pay as low as $300 a sex scene.

AB: A sex scene? So that’s oral and anal?

JH: Yes. I won’t go under $300 for a sex scene.

AB: How many of the people that you work with end up going on to do more?

JH: A lot of them. A lot of models on there went on to work for Falcon Studios and went on to sign exclusive contracts with Jet Set. Jason Crew started on my website. He’s now on the cover of Big Dick Club 2. A lot of the big stars, I’m the person who found them.

AB: And how many of them identify as gay?

JH: Um, basically, hmmm… I would say the majority of them do – on my website. I’m shying away from doing solos. It’s “Real Jocks Fuck,” so I’m basically doing all sex. I had a couple solos when I started out because it was cheaper, but all I’m doing now is sex scenes. I still do – I brought a guy on there, you’ll see “Florida Boy.” (pictured) He was this really hot 20-year old guy that I found in North Florida. He agreed to do a sex scene and he’s married with kids! He took my dick really well! But, that is rare.

AB: Why do you think he did this? Because of the money?

JH: I think his excuse to himself was the money, but I think he really wanted to take a dick.

AB: And what about the other straight guys that you employ? What’s their motivation?

JH: Um, right now I’m developing a site that is specifically for solo straight guys. I don’t want to say what the name is right now, but I’ll say that much: it’s in development. A lot of my solo content with straight guys is going towards that.