Jeremy Renner Is Gay, Except When He’s Not

Both and the National Enqurier are, like the tabloid Star, owned by American Media Inc. That does not mean all publications consult with each other on stories, which explains why the Enquirer can say The Hurt Locker‘s Jeremy Renner is a gay, while insists he has a girlfriend.

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  • Cam

    As soon as the gay stories started coming out, no doubt his publicist called in a favor to both Jessica Simpson and Radar Online to run with the other story.

  • scott ny'er

    Isn’t it true that these gossip rags wouldn’t out someone unless they had good sources for fear of a lawsuit?

  • Cam

    @No. 2 · scott ny’er

    Yeah, also, in Jeremy’s defense, Jessica Simpson is so desperate for any publicity that this could all be coming from her. “Oh, he has a girlfriend, and THATS why he didn’t like me, not that I’m annoying.” Who knows. But you’ll notice that Tom Cruise sued when tabs called him gay, Clay Aiken and Riky Martin didn’t.

  • ossurworld

    Jeremy Renner is NOT gay, except when he is.

  • christopher di spirito

    I hope he’s gay. George Rekers? Not so much.

  • Michael

    Would the world end if we did NOT further fuel these stories, not to mention perpetuate the parasites at the Enquirer, et al., getting rich off of treating being gay as leprosy?

    I TOTALLY support outing anyone working against us, not just as punishment but also as a warning to others not to do the same, but, if he is gay, I’m unaware of his having been one of those.

    And, NO, being outed is NOT the way to encourage more actors to be out themselves. It only encourages more closetry…and more unemployment.

    Please leave him alone.

  • Cam


    You’re right, it is so much better to have a bunch of closeted actors further the notion that being gay is something shameful and dirty to hide.

  • Michael


    Having read many of your posts on various subjects, such oversimplifying is beneath you.

    There are only three professions in which I see justification for the closet: professional acting and professional sports and the military.

    Everyone else can find an employer somewhere who isn’t a bigot.

  • onCloud9

    He should come out. Plain and simple.

  • jj

    If he’s not gay, how can he come out? By saying he’s a hetero?

  • alan brickman

    outing actors just reeks of stupid and petty jealousy……

  • Comeoutwhereveryouare

    @alan brickman: Stop defending the closet you traitor!

  • Mr.ManBoob

    Man, he is fugly!

  • Superman

    @Mr.ManBoob: Judging by your moniker, I’d guess you prefer to squat your jelly roll on other doughboys. It explains why ravishing beauty like Jeremy Renner’s escapes you.

  • Josh

    Jeremy Renner is gay. If anything is most definitely bisexual. It doesn’t matter except the way he dodges it or his publicist do to have him really emphasize the words “woman” and “girlfriend” in his sentences. Example, “My work comes first and any ‘woman’ I’m with will be number 2 to that.”

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