Jerk States Refuse To Admit They’ve Lost On Marriage

sam brownbackNobody likes a sore loser, which is exactly what dreadful governors like Idaho’s Butch Otter and Sam Brownback of Kansas are being right now.

Look, you intolerable bigots: you’ve lost. Marriage equality is happening. It’s not going to hurt anyone, it makes this country a better place, and standing in the way just makes you look like a horrible failure of leadership.

In other states, officials have just given up defending their bans. They know there’s no point in dragging this out any further and pretending they can win.

We’re at a loss to explain the actions of the jerk-store best-sellers who are prolonging marriage litigation in Kansas, South Carolina, Montana, and Idaho. Maybe they’re pandering to their base, or maybe they’re really deluded enough to think they still have a chance.

Either way, the end result is that citizens are suffering unnecessarily. It’s time for them to throw up their hands, admit they were wrong and they’ve lost, and move on to something more important. (Sidenote: have you heard the amazing Planet Money episode about how Sam Brownback has basically destroyed the economy of Kansas? He’s up for re-election in a few weeks, so if you or anyone you know lives in Kansas, please do spread the word of Brownback’s shortcomings.)