Jerry Falwell Jr.’s pool boy sex scandal has been immortalized forever in memes

Last week, it was revealed that Jerry Fawell Jr. and his wife, Becki, are allegedly into cuckolding. According to multiple sources, the evangelical power couple have a fetish for enticing young, musclebound, 20-something men into their bedroom then paying the guys off with sweetheart real estate deals and under the table personal loans.

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Since the scandal broke, the antigay Falwells have seen their standing among evangelicals completely disintegrate. Jerry was forced to resign as president of Liberty University and is now the subject of an internal investigation into his past financial, real estate, and legal dealings. Meanwhile, Becki has become the laughing stock of the internet, who only made matters worse for herself when she scolded people about being “more forgiving.”

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While the Falwells would no doubt love for everyone to forget this whole thing ever happened, the chances of that are slim, especially now that memers have immortalized the scandal forever.

And now, the memes…

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