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Jerry Falwell Jr. tries to have “certain pictures” excluded from evidence in upcoming trial

The fallout from the Jerry Falwell pool boy sex scandal continues.

A judge has upheld most of a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed against the disgraced evangelical leader by his former employer, Liberty University, in the aftermath of last summer’s scandal.

Last Friday, Lynchburg Circuit Judge Fred Watson denied Falwell’s attorneys motions to have the case dismissed, which means it’s one step closer to going to trail, where things will no doubt get very, very ugly.

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As you may recall, Falwell resigned from his job as president of the university in August 2020 after his former pool boy, Giancarlo Granda, said he engaged in a years-long sexual relationship with Falwell’s wife, Becki, and that Jerry would sometimes participate in their sexcapades as a voyeur.

Becki admitted to the affair, but Jerry denied being a participant.

In April 2021, Liberty University filed a 74-page breach of contract lawsuit accusing Fawell of withholding “damaging information” when he renegotiated his contract in 2019 and choosing “personal protection” over “his clear duties as an executive and officer.”

The lawsuit also accused him of “excessive use of alcohol” and hanging onto personal property, including “confidential information,” belonging to the university.

In addition to unsuccessfully trying to get the case dismissed, ABC News reports that Falwell’s attorney asked that “certain pictures and statements” not be admitted into evidence because they are “rife with, frankly, personal attacks.”

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What sort of “pictures and statements”, you ask? That’s a very good question!

It could be that weird photo of Falwell on a yacht with his pants open that he posted to Instagram last summer…

Or perhaps they are the alleged x-rated photos Reuters first reported on way back in May 2019, before the whole pool boy sex scandal broke open.

According to the outlet, in 2015, Falwell hired Donald Trump‘s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, to help with an “embarrassing personal matter”:

Falwell, president of Liberty University, one of the world’s largest Christian universities, said someone had come into possession of what Cohen described as racy “personal” photographs–the sort that would typically be kept “between husband and wife.”

With Liberty’s lawsuit against Falwell moving forward, more details are likely to emerge, and we’re guessing none of them will make either party look good.

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