Did PR Push Go Too Far By Pitting Gays Against Families?

Jerry Seinfeld’s Anti-Gay Message?

Jerry Seinfeld and Matthew Broderick recently teamed up for an NBC-sponsored slot to publicize their over-hyped animated flick, Bee Movie, which opens today.

Though we never intended on seeing this schlock, we’re definitely not going to see it after watching the aforementioned clip, which smacks of incendiary homophobia and creates a rift between gays and “families”.

In the clip, Broderick expresses some trepidation over the movie’s imaginary and decidedly gay plot points, for example nude wrestling. Aghast and worried, Broderick gripes, “I was going to take my kids to this thing.” Obviously nude wrestling isn’t the best thing for a children’s movie, but other punchlines certainly aren’t as inappropriate, like a cruise with Rosie O’Donnell, straight America’s symbolic angry lesbian. Here’s the transcript:

Matthew Broderick: I have a few questions about our relationship in the film.

Jerry Seinfeld: Yeah, sure.

MB: We’re friends, right?

JS: Yeah, we’re buddies.

MB: Then why on page three are we wrestling naked in a barn?

JS: No reason, we can lose it.

MB: And then, on page 8, why is it every time you light my cigarette do you touch my hand?

JS: Um, just trying to get in an anti-smoking message, we don’t need it.

MB: And then on page 19, why do we keep landing on each other and why are you glistening?

JS: That’s a mistake. I’ll just – [Rips pages.]

MB: I was going to take my kid to this thing.

JS: I have kids, too. None of this is going to be in the movie. These are just place holders.

MB: Page 23: Why are we on a cruise with Rosie O’Donnell?

JS: [Defensive] It is a family movie!

Now, we don’t want to get all GLAAD or anything, but this queer exchange between Seinfeld and Broderick leaves a bad taste. It’s not so much that they take the piss out of gays, but the context in which they do it.

We’re all about so-called “homophobic” humor – remember when we defended Sarah Silverman and gay Gawkerite Choire Sicha? – but Seinfeld and Broderick seem to be implying that gays have no place in a family film. In this context, gays become the antithesis of families. What’s more, Rosie O’Donnell may be the most family friendly famous gay around. We’ve taken a number of shots at her before and she’s certainly not our favorite celebrity, but we’re sorry her name had to be dragged into this one.

Seinfeld and Broderick’s publicity-primed message causes far more damage than saying, “I don’t mean fag like homosexual, I mean fag like retard”. That quip, from Ms. Silverman, comes soaked in humor and, as we said before, only an idiot would misconstrue that as an anti-gay jab.

Seinfeld and Broderick’s exchange, however, perpetuates stale definitions of “family”. While we’re sure social conservatives would approve, we – surprisingly – do not. We’re sure neither man intended to offend, but they did. In our collective mind, at least.

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  • Amber LeMay

    Nope. Sorry. Didn’t see that this was offensive… merely silly. A LOT of us have wondered (wished/hoped/fantasized)about MB before – in this skit maybe he was working on those rumors and acting as if he was afraid the “truth” would come “out”? As for JS – other than the “not that there’s anything around with it” episode – he’s shied away from gay humor or infereneces… I think there’s a lot of other things to get our panties in a bunch rather than this.

  • rock

    Ironic considering that Matthew Broderick for years has been rumored to be Gay…and of course Seinfeld did the now famous “not that there is anything wrong with it” Seinfeld episode in which he and George are mistaken to be a Gay couple.

    yep, not so funny any more and smacks of homophobia to me. and the scene between Seinfeld and Broderick sure doesn’t “float like a butterfly” but sure as heck “stings like a bee” given one of them really is Gay and the other is suppsoed to be Gay friendly…..whatever….one more breeder movie not worth seeing.

  • Racquel

    Come on Queerty, lighten up! I don’t think there is a less homophobic actor than Broderick…remember “Torch Song Trilogy”? And Rosie’s cruise is intended for gay FAMILIES, hence the joke.

  • Vito in PSP

    The spot is offensive. It implies that ordinary activities (tho’ don’t know about that naked wrestling in a barn?) when done by two presumed heterosexuals of the same sex = homosexual behavior which is verboten in a ‘family’ context. Further the jibes at Rosie and the cross dressing comment by Broderick at the end are low and rude. Substitute stereotypical scenarios and other non-white, non-Christian groups and the ‘joke’ becomes more obvious but equally as offensive. Those involved should pull the spot and should know better.

  • Leland Frances

    They didn’t INTEND to offend. “Love me I’m a liberal” types never do, particularly those show biz-connected. It’s just more of the, “yeh, you’re okay. We luv you fagollas, but your issues don’t really rise to ours. Can’t you take a joke? You’re so sensitive. Lighten up!”

    The “cruise with Rosie” jab is a double one. Not just that she’s the second most famous lesbian in the world, but that her cruises are specifically designed for gays with families.

    The quickest way to objectively evaluate such things is if they can pass the sniff test of word substitution. Would some of Seinfeld’s or Broderick’s Jewish relatives be amused if Broderick said something like, “What’s this with me in a Yamaka? A bee with long peyos? I wanted to take my kids to this. Do you want them to think I’m….”

    They mock us their way. Obama sends concerns about reinforcing homophobia to the back of the bus while having decided to start keeping his possibly Black-racist and antiSemitic personal minister at arm’s length.

    Mainstream media only mentions us in reactionary ways and ignorantly crowns Giuliani the “pro-gay” Republican candidate.

    It’s all of a piece: we’re not just second-class citizens—are inequality is second-class, too. And we are the common denominator among bigots of every race, nationality, and religion.

    As for Sara Silverman, when she squawks something like, “I don’t mean kike like Jew, I mean kike like retard,” call me.

  • ilnazhad

    They should fucking buzz off.

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    I thought about my six senses – touch, taste, smell and hearing – even my sense of humour – and I am afraid that this Seinfeld/Broderick video was offensive. I am saddened that these two individuals whose words and actions in the past have belied the accusation of homophobia, would stoop to accept this obviously offensive video.

    I will stray away from adjudicating their behaviour based on economic, political or religious criteria. It is reminiscent of ad hominem attacks disguised as humour so prevalent at Friar’s roasts with famous and infamous comedians that to paraphrase one – ” take my passive aggressive bitchslap- please.”

  • Michel

    Perhaps we’ll all be spared by a timely occurence of Colony Collapse Syndrome…

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    erra……oops, bitch slap for that bid of Latin….. I forgot to add the sense of “feel”. I felt that I should add it, though :)

  • ProfessorVP

    I don’t care if Messrs. Seinfeld and Broderick have 14 children, they set off my gaydar, which has a fuse that doesn’t trip easily.

  • Dave

    Some of you Queers need to lighten the frig up, this was not offensive. If you look to be offended oftentimes you will find it.

  • ben

    It’s frat boy humor which doesn’t mean to offend, yet has the unintended effect of reminding the minority group ‘of its place.’

    I agree with Queerty, unprofessional humor from supposed professionals. Masters of their trade, but not in practice. Brought to you by Ford and NBC.

  • Jonathan

    Over hyped…YES. Homophobic…NOPE. I think you’re over thinking this one. After all Broderick is married to Sarah Jessica Parker so he’s already in a same sex marriage.

  • chris

    I think you guys at Queerty need to get out more. There’s so much more to worry about than this exchange, and no I don’t feel that it’s homophobic. Just taking the piss out.

  • Puddy Katz

    it was sooooo funny! and i’m gay!
    Lighten up people!

  • KPB

    You people are unreal. You’re offended by every little thing. You must spend all day long untwisting your panties. I expect this nonsense from the readers but to have the editors of Queert, the very same people that were trying to defend their use of the word “snitch” in regards to a story about murder, also getting all bent out of shape is just too funny. You have to two extremely gay-friendly actors poking fun and you’re going to attack this? May I please suggest some valium for your collective weekends?

  • Dawster

    i don’t get what the problem is. maybe because i was laughing at the progressive nature the “friendship” that the two bees were taking… starting off as two people wrestling and ends with taking a rosie cruise. the process from beginning to end was hilarious.

    also, the pun “family” in the last line was funny (“family cruise” and “family movie”).

    i thought it was well written. it wasn’t saying that homosexuals are not the type that would be in a family movie, but that naked wrestling, glistening bees fondling each other, hooking up, and taking a cruise together are… and technically, i would agree.

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    There is an excellent documentary about the celluloid and television history of gay and lesbian portrayals. There is another such programme about black portrayals.

    The conclusion is the same. The Hayes codes were established to rail in portrayals like Mae West and overt male to male behaviours that the 1930’s had psychiatric approbation was abnormal and perverted behaviour as well.

    You don’t hear Amos and Andy radio programme with white actors with black accents, or the television programme with black actors, do you? It is offensive. Funny only if your humour has a needed racist twist.

    We, our gay family, have been on a Rosie cruise. It was a wonderful opportunity to hook up with some families hemispheric and worldwide. They gave scholarships to needy and poor families unable to afford a cruise.

    Subtle racism and homophobia must be “well written”. The double entendre is alive and well in those situations. Ask yourself not only if the Hollywood writers are laughing with you, but alternatively, whether it plays in Peioria, IL where they be laughing at you while you flail in the wind trying to get marriage equality and all that entails in terms of equal justice under law.

    PS. I do not care one tinker’s damn whether or not the circuit party boys and girls ever marry at all. It is the right to obtain marriage equality – not the obligation to enter into it. Stay in your pajamas like Heffner into your eighties. I can assure you that your allure will leave in your sixties, seventies and eighties in that part of the gay culture despite looking like a clone of Jack La Lane at ninety.

    It is for the millions of gay and lesbian monogamous couples who have and are raising their children within a minority whose pleasures and entertainment were paramount and bankrolled by organised crime (bars and bathhouses) initially.

    Do not discount the size and the importance of this gay and lesbian demographic….especially in the United States, Canada and Europe. The straights have their forever libidinous population and so will we for generations to come. Assimilation into a general culture with rules that equally apply to all is the goal of many.

  • seeker135

    WoW! Watching Jerry Seinfeld morph into Chevy Chase! Who’d ‘a’ thunk it?

  • designerman

    The only thing offensive about this clip is the lack of humor. After seeing Seinfled on TV the past few days, the less I see of him the better.
    As for Broderick, I saw him in a store the other day surrounded by a gaggle of queens, all of whom seemed to work for him. It was very, very gay.

  • John

    Oh, c’mon. I *know* the twisted minds behind queerty don’t find this offensive. Perhaps a rhetorical question?

    Am I a bad fag for having watched the clip and got a chuckle out of it? Will I get my membership revoked?

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    “gaggle of queens around Matthew Broderick”–no, that does not surprise me. I have a sister-in-law, Nigel’s sister, who is a neocon Republican, but absolutely LOVES her gay hairdresser, and every queen she meets. She is less friendly to those who behave less stereotypically.

    There are ten percent of American gays who vote and support neocon Republicans. Then we have those who loiter and legislate, eh?

  • tony

    Oh for….
    Would you guys lighten up? I thought it was cute.

  • Amber LeMay

    It’s not “a gaggle of queens” it’s “a giggle of gays.”

  • DivaJean

    I’m just sick to death of the hyping for this movie.

    Wouldn’t have cared anyways.

  • mw1227

    I don’t believe that either Jerry Seinfeld or Matthew Broderick were trying to be offensive to anyone who is gay. Broderick just won an award from the Human Rights Campaign as an ally of gays. He is known to have several gay friends from theatre and has been very involved in Equity Fights AIDS in the Broadway community. Give the guy a break, he has always been a role model in terms of acceptance and equality.

  • Oldblue

    You gay people need to stop this insanity. What makes you so special that you are above this stuff. Too good for the straight people to talk about you? You people need to get a life. No one cares about you the way you think. Get some gay people to run for congress, then change the laws. Until then, stop this nonsense.

  • Soupy

    You straight(?) people need to stop trolling gay websites, get over your shame, and face your own neuroses and complexes.

  • tallskin2

    @Oldblue, you’re a fucking arse.

    it’s arsewipes like you who’d refuse to vote for an openly gay candidate so we’ve no chance of getting elected to change the laws.

    But you knew that didn’t you!

    Now fuck off and die

  • gsdafgasdf

    Please tell me this is a joke article. Please.

  • ewe

    I never liked Jerry Seinfeld or his humor. I never watched one full episode of his show. He stops as if to say “laugh now, i just said a joke” then crunches his nose like you should be in on his stupid level of so called “funny.” Matthew Broderick has always been rumored a closeted tortured gay man. He would get so stinking drunk and rage out of the Elephant Walk in the Castro District years ago during the same time he killed someone in Ireland while drunk. If you can’t make the same jokes about african american people then the jokes are off limits about gay people. And that is the best standard straight people should stick to.

  • ewe

    @ewe: Including all those who go around pretending to be straight.

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