Did PR Push Go Too Far By Pitting Gays Against Families?

Jerry Seinfeld’s Anti-Gay Message?

Jerry Seinfeld and Matthew Broderick recently teamed up for an NBC-sponsored slot to publicize their over-hyped animated flick, Bee Movie, which opens today.

Though we never intended on seeing this schlock, we’re definitely not going to see it after watching the aforementioned clip, which smacks of incendiary homophobia and creates a rift between gays and “families”.

In the clip, Broderick expresses some trepidation over the movie’s imaginary and decidedly gay plot points, for example nude wrestling. Aghast and worried, Broderick gripes, “I was going to take my kids to this thing.” Obviously nude wrestling isn’t the best thing for a children’s movie, but other punchlines certainly aren’t as inappropriate, like a cruise with Rosie O’Donnell, straight America’s symbolic angry lesbian. Here’s the transcript:

Matthew Broderick: I have a few questions about our relationship in the film.

Jerry Seinfeld: Yeah, sure.

MB: We’re friends, right?

JS: Yeah, we’re buddies.

MB: Then why on page three are we wrestling naked in a barn?

JS: No reason, we can lose it.

MB: And then, on page 8, why is it every time you light my cigarette do you touch my hand?

JS: Um, just trying to get in an anti-smoking message, we don’t need it.

MB: And then on page 19, why do we keep landing on each other and why are you glistening?

JS: That’s a mistake. I’ll just – [Rips pages.]

MB: I was going to take my kid to this thing.

JS: I have kids, too. None of this is going to be in the movie. These are just place holders.

MB: Page 23: Why are we on a cruise with Rosie O’Donnell?

JS: [Defensive] It is a family movie!

Now, we don’t want to get all GLAAD or anything, but this queer exchange between Seinfeld and Broderick leaves a bad taste. It’s not so much that they take the piss out of gays, but the context in which they do it.

We’re all about so-called “homophobic” humor – remember when we defended Sarah Silverman and gay Gawkerite Choire Sicha? – but Seinfeld and Broderick seem to be implying that gays have no place in a family film. In this context, gays become the antithesis of families. What’s more, Rosie O’Donnell may be the most family friendly famous gay around. We’ve taken a number of shots at her before and she’s certainly not our favorite celebrity, but we’re sorry her name had to be dragged into this one.

Seinfeld and Broderick’s publicity-primed message causes far more damage than saying, “I don’t mean fag like homosexual, I mean fag like retard”. That quip, from Ms. Silverman, comes soaked in humor and, as we said before, only an idiot would misconstrue that as an anti-gay jab.

Seinfeld and Broderick’s exchange, however, perpetuates stale definitions of “family”. While we’re sure social conservatives would approve, we – surprisingly – do not. We’re sure neither man intended to offend, but they did. In our collective mind, at least.