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Jersey Shore Meatheads ‘Tricked’ Into Posing for Gay Guido Cover Story

The Village Voice asked Jersey Shore‘s Vinny Gaudagnino, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino to strip down for the cover of the alt-weekly, but evidently didn’t tell them it was for the Voice‘s “Queer Issue.” Is Ronnie gonna call somebody a faggot over the bait-and-switch?

The cover story is about gay Jersey Shore fellas, many of them closeted, cruising the “Guido Riviera” in search of ass just like their heterosexual counterparts.

At least one of [hot tub party thrower Craig Austin’s] regulars is testing the waters of Asbury Park: “Dino,” a self-described “horny 25-year-old,” could have been ordered straight from Jersey Shore Central Casting. A grad student who lives in the Bronx, he is out to his second-generation Italian family, with whom he summers with in Seaside, but “nobody talks about it,” he says. “It’s never mentioned. That’s the mentality still for Italian families—homosexuality isn’t OK.”

Dino is very much in the closet with his Seaside volleyball buddies, and although he does troll Asbury at night, he doesn’t care for that scene. If complicated, Dino doesn’t seem particularly tortured. He’s more bifurcated, right down to his wardrobe. “I would never wear this on the boardwalk in Seaside,” he says of the neon-green American Eagle polo that hugs his tight physique. “It’s too gay. And I don’t see any reason to flaunt being gay in a place where it’s not accepted.”

Aw c’mon. It’s a scene that inspired the Jersey Shore porn parody. Who doesn’t accept?

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    1- Can we finally all agree that Ronnie aka The Jersey doughboy is FAT????

    2- Despite all the attention Mike “the shituation” gets, I think Vinnie(who I nominate for the most likely to come out award) blows him away as far as the hotness scale………

  • Cam


    I’m not sure, Vinnie’s overly plucked and sculpted eyebrows kinda freak me out, they look some something that a woman working at an Elizabeth Arden Salon would do for a girl on Prom Night.

  • HotMess

    Ronnie – when you take steroids like the show and the girls on the show imply (juiced up guidos = steroid takers)and you work out your abs they become inflated looking just like his stomach looks so that may be it. Or yea he is just fat with big arms.

    Vinnie – is not hot period. But I do see him as possibly closet case, he sure is a mommy’s boy from what I’ve seen of the show.


    Based on the number of “thumbs down” #1 got, guess there are a lot of chubby chasers on this thread…….. :-p

  • Ben Jammin'

    This sentence is confusing in the article: “If complicated, Dino doesn’t seem particularly tortured.” What is the “complicated” referring to? Grammatically, it’s confusing.

  • Jimmi

    Finally, porn for bottom feeders.

  • Kyler

    @Ben Jammin’: Is receding to the first sentence of the paragraph. How Dino was out to his family and crusies a park but it’s out to his buds at seaside and doesn’t like the crusing scene.

  • Hilarious

    Tricks for tricks.

    They better embrace it their 20 minutes are almost up anyway.

  • Ogre Magi

    I wouldn’t fuck any of them

  • jason

    I’m disapponted that Village Voice chose a bunch of vain pricks to illustrate its queer issue. Poor form, Village Voice.

  • Desdemona

    i was hit on by a gay guido a few years ago! His girlfriend was more muscular than me! He wasn’t that handsome though lol

    & yea jason, you have a point. maybe they could’ve found someone better to be on the cover of the queer issue… but the story was about gay guidos and these guys are THE guidos right now- it makes sense to have them on the cover. Who else would you suggest??

  • Vainpricks

    ….vain pricks? So you are implying if it was an actual homosexual or homosexual/s on the cover they would not be vain or pricks. Come on, they would almost definitely be either one or the other…..LOL. When was the last time you were out at a nice restaurant/bar/ or a club where you didn’t hear someone talking trash about someone else’s outfit or physique or personality. Prick like behavior. And don’t get me started on how vain some of us can be…..we ALL know the truth.

  • ewe

    ugh. the need for recognition is so conceited. Dumb. I think they look like hell solely because they think they look so good. Gross.

  • bob

    hill air eee ussss!!!!

  • sarah

    vinny must be airbrushed cause his stomach doesnt look like that

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