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Jersey Shore‘s Jwoww Is Upset ‘F*cking Faggots’ Can’t Get Married

Kinda upset over the fact gays can’t get married in NY. My best friend has been w/ his man 6 yrs and can’t get married! WTF?! Something needs to change ASAP!

—Jenni “Jwoww” Farley, the Jersey Shore star whose “fucking faggot” line in the season three premiere was bleeped out by producers, tweets her frustration like a third-grader

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  • No doubt

    Yeah, that message did read as though it had been written by a third grader — or as though it had been lifted directly from Queerty’s extraneous-exclamation-mark-spattered and pointless-question-riddled text.

  • PopSnap

    Thank you, Jwow. Not all of us are pretentious old snobs.

    The fact that this tweet will probably reach millions of young people- many of whom are the absolute last ones who would otherwise have anything to do with gay people- is completely lost on the author of this article. Yeah, young people say the word faggot. My best friend since middle school says fag sometimes, and she’s a lesbian happily engaged to her partner.

    When she calls people she’s angry at “fags” I seriously doubt she means “I am calling you a homosexual!” she means “you’re an asshole/dickhead/d-bag/whatever” just like EVERY other person under the age of 30 who uses this word as an insult. get over it.

  • Kev C

    @PopSnap: Maybe you shouldn’t try to interpret what she or others say, because that’s called justifying, excusing, exculpating. You’re making an excuse for someone else while presuming to speak for them.

    You also sound as if you don’t like old people, or old gays. Have you ever called one a fa&&ot or beaten one?

  • redball

    Nicole Scherzinger’s looking good in her new weave.

  • Bookworm

    Yay jwowww!! Love her.

  • jason

    Jwoww looks like a media whore. As for her tweet, I reckon she was put up to it by her agent or the senior executives at MTV. They’re starting to panic now that the gays are starting to turn against MTV.

  • jason


    Regardless of whether Jwoww’s tweet reaches millions of people, you also need to remember that the homophobic slurs uttered on Jersey Shore also reach millions of people. It’s a set of mixed messages that confuse people.

    You need to look at things through an overall eye and not through bits and pieces in order to determine whether the overall message about gay people is positive or negative. So far, Jersey Shore has failed the test, and so has MTV.

  • Cam

    Ok, calm down folks. This is a girl who exists in a fairly homophobic culture who not only spent an entire episode of Jersey Shore hanging out with a gay couple during Pride, but also then after kept a gay flag by her bed.

    If she wants to go out, flash her rack at the homophobes and harrangue them into supporting gay rights, then more power to her.

  • Bookworm

    @Cam: Well said! Jwoww has long been an advocate of gays, in interviews and on the show since the start of season 1.

  • PopSnap

    @Kev C

    I have no problem with old gays. I simply said this because the majority of people who would complain about this are those I would consider snobs. Old was simply an adjective.

  • adam

    The show’s a terrible guilty pleasure of mine, but why make a big deal out of – even dubious – voices of support?

  • Zeus

    Ugh she just said something in the heat of the moment, a moment in which she was also most likely drunk. She made a mistake, she’s clearly not a giant bigot.

  • Marcus M.

    Can’t believe I’m saying this about anyone from Jersey Shore, but leave the girl alone.

  • Kev C

    It sure looked to me like she was calling someone a f-ing f–t, so yeah, I don’t need or want her dubious, calculated support.

  • testington

    I think this shows more about her true feelings about gay people than her using the word fagot when yelling at her roommate.

  • Kev C

    @testington: Sure, she only calls people that when she’s fighting .. same as all gay bashers.


  • Brian

    Grow up, JD! Her choice of words were poor but the way to get the point across is to teach, not show how petty and unforgiving you can be!

  • ChrisM

    Don’t agree with her using the word, but she’s showed she’s sympathetic with us. And who knows if she learned something from the “faggot” scandal, maybe she doesn’t use the word anymore. Why hold it against her anymore after something like this?

  • littlebigchris

    I don’t think she actually said the words “fucking faggot”. I think MTV was bleeping her use of “fucking” and what she actually said was fucking FAKE in response to Ron calling Snookie fake.

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