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Jesse Tyler Ferguson + Eric Stonestreet Are Going to Lock Lips Any Second Now

Guys. The Modern Family same-sex episode is totally coming, so chillz, OK? They’re almost ready to shoot it! And showrunner Steve Levitan is sticking to his script that they were going to do this scene before y’all started complaining in May.

“We’ve had an episode planned for a long time that dealt with that subject of [Cameron and Mitchell’s PDA],” Levitan tells E!. “So it almost bothers us that there was a little bit of controversy about it. Because we don’t want to appear that we’re answering that criticism.”

It kinda sounds just like actor Eric Stonestreet’s take on the whole thing, but now he’s upgraded his tune: “I think it’s great that people care so much,” Stonestreet says. “I always am confused why they don’t worry about shows that don’t have any gay characters on them. They should put some focus on them as well, but we’ll give the audience exactly what they need.”

What we need are more uncomfortable ethnic jokes from you, Cam. But we’ll take what we can get.

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