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Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita throw lavish baby shower


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Loved celebrating my friends bringing a new member into the family 👼🏼 Can’t wait to meet your sweet babe 💕💕

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After Jesse Tyler Ferguson revealed last month that he and husband Justin Mikita are to become dads, the couple threw a lavish baby shower at their West Hollywood home on Saturday.

The two men married in 2013 and their child is expected in July.

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Ferguson, who’s currently hosting the HGTV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, found fame on Modern Family. Some of his Modern Family costars turned up to the event, including Sarah Hyland and Sofía Vergara.

Also in attendance were Betty Who, Jen Atkin, Lisa Rinna, Colton Haynes and queer activist and author Jacob Tobia.

Broadway actress Shoshana Bean serenaded Ferguson and Mikita, a lawyer and equal rights campaigner, with the song ‘Home’.

Events planner Todd Hawk oversaw the shower.

One of the highlights of the event was a pool performance from men’s synchronized swimming troupe Aquawillies. The four performers dived into the pool to provide some choreographed aquatic artistry. The group shared footage on their Instagram, and Ferguson and Mikita can be seen enjoying the show.

On an insta-story, Sarah Hyland joked she and Betty Who were in the “splash zone.”

Sofia Vergara also shared several photos to Instagram, with the message, “Congratulations Jesse and Justin!!! ❤️❤️❤️👶👶👶 we luv iuu!!!”


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Congratulations Jesse and Justin!!!❤️❤️❤️👶👶👶 we luv iuu!!!

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Tobia, who is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, said they also appreciated the event for different reasons.

“In general, the way that we celebrate a baby coming into the world is so hurtful for trans and nonbinary people. Based solely on what an ultrasound tells us about a child’s physical body, we decide their gender for them before they even enter the world,” they wrote on Instagram.


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“That’s what made @justinmikita and @jessetyler’s baby shower so special for me. They aren’t letting the world choose their kid’s gender for them. They are letting their future kid choose for themself. I know it’s a small thing, but it’s also SO HUGE.

“Jesse and Justin, I cannot wait to meet your lil theyby, to shower your kid with love and kisses, and to celebrate however they choose to express their gender in this world. I can’t wait to be part of their extended chosen family (I think “Aunty Jacob” has a nice ring to it, no?) and I was so so happy to join you yesterday as you celebrated this fabulous milestone.

“On a shallower but equally important note — you two have officially RUINED all future baby showers for me. I mean I got to jam with some synchronized swimmers, cry to the angelic voice of @shobean, giggle with @bettywho and @sofiavergara and @sarahhyland and @jesselbaum and @toddhawk , AND eat like five pounds of fresh whipped cream?!? HEAVEN.”

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