Jesse Tyler Ferguson Shows Anti-Gay Fans The Door On Facebook

As an actor I have learned that I have to develop a thick skin but as a HUMAN I am having a harder time. The amount of vitriol I have received in the past few days over my stance on marriage equality could kill an adult horse! The majority of my fans have been amazing & supportive. But I am in shock and ashamed of many of my “fans” who are standing firm in their stance that I am “less than” them because of my sexual orientation. To those who feel this way: I gladly show you the door and wish you well on your journey.”

— Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson takes “fans” that oppose marriage equality to task on Facebook.

Photo: Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Facebook

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  • Sukhrajah

    That’s very wise words, and unexpected coming from a ginger, as they have no souls! Haha, I am just kidding. Mr. Ferguson, you are a splendid actor, and a brilliant partner (from the many many many many photos and videos that you guys share with the world), but more importantly, a brave, and caring man – one that summoned the courage to come out, and stand for the rights of those of us that do not have your reach. Well done, keep up the good work!

  • alexoloughlin

    One of the few republicans I like and one of the very few who doesn’t vote blindly for a republican president just because he’s a republican, right or wrong. Jesse is a republican who gets what equality and discrimination are all about. He puts the GOProuders to shame.

  • Mjl-428

    @alexoloughlin: 2-year-olds put the GOProud to shame. good for JTF. better to have real friends who support your rights than fake fans who like you just for entertainment and nothing else

  • Tracy


    You seem to be the only person on the Internet who believes that JTF is a Republican.

    Apart from posing as a GOP congressional candidate in a comedic skit, there’s nothing that indicates JTF is a Republican. (In real life at least.)

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