it will blend

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Wants to Give You a Blender in Exchange for Your Contact Info

Well this is a fine how-do-you-do! Jesse Tyler Ferguson was going to give his friends Tyler and Steve a blender for their wedding, but wait, they can’t get married in New York! Oh wells.

So instead, he’s going to raffle the blender away to one lucky winner. Maybe you! But first, he just needs you to do him one little favor: would you mind heading over to and signing up for their Best Wedding Gift Ever campaign?

Once you sign up, you’re entered into the blender contest. But forget about the blender for a moment, because it’s really just a subterfuge to grab your attention.

What this is really about is FriendFactor getting your name and email address and zipcode, because those things are like Miracle-Gro for nonprofits. Once they’ve lured you to their site with the promise of consumer electronics, FriendFactor’s ulterior motive is to get you involved in the fight for marriage equality in New York.

And how do they do that? Why, with opportunities to “learn about how you can help your gay friends.” Oh, learning! That sounds neat! Nothing rallies the troops like a study session.