Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s embarrassing coming out story is hard to beat

Coming out stories come in every flavor, shape and size. They can be tragic, magic, and hopefully not too Catholic.

For Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson (seen here with husband Justin Mikita), embarrassing is probably the most accurate adjective.

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As a freshman in high school, Ferguson was caught by a security guard at a bookstore in his hometown of Albuquerque, N.M. trying to make off with some…ahem…gay adult materials.

“My mom and dad saw the nature of the material I was stealing, and that’s how I came out, ”he says in a video for People. “I find it funny now, but at the time it was incredibly traumatizing. Ironically, my father still had a hard time catching up. I snuck some straight porn in there too, so that threw him off just enough.”

Oh, Dad.

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Eventually, everything worked out just fine:

“I’m now married, and my father, who had such a hard time accepting my sexuality, danced at my wedding very happily,” he adds.

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