Jessica Lange, Evan Peters Return For Third Season Of “American Horror Story”

jessica-langeAt a sneak-preview screening of American Horror Story‘s season finale, producer Ryan Murphy shared some details about the as-yet-unwritten Season 3.

Reports EW:

Murphy said he knows the tale he wants to tell and which horror pop touchstones he wants to use. He’ll begin working with the writing staff next week to plot out the saga, then pitch the plan to FX for input and approval.

Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, and Evan Peters will return next season, playing new characters per the show’s novel anthology format. Murphy also said cast members from Season 1 who weren’t in Season 2 will return, and new faces will be joining the company.

Murphy said that Lange has been offering suggestions, specifically actors she’s long wanted to work with. (He offered no names, though hinted that Oscar winners might be in the mix.) The third season will be set in multiple cities and in modern times, but will occasionally peek into the past, much like the first season. It will possess a lighter, more romantic and comedic tone, at least compared to Season 2 decidedly dark bent, and it will also have a young star-crossed lovers element, similar to Violet & Tate in season 1.

Murphy said “female power” will be a major theme. And he has promised Lange a decidedly better wardrobe, so he says to look for the star to play a more “glammed-out” character. Finally, Murphy says Season 3 will have a signature, iconic monster, a la Rubber Man of Season 1 and Bloody Face of Season 2. And this time? “She’s a woman.”

That’s all well and good, but we just want to know if Adam Levine is coming back!