Jessie J Done Using Sexuality As Fashion Accessory, Ends “Bisexual Phase” To “Find A Husband”

2jcsy13English “singer”/”songwriter” Jessie J, better known as Low Rent Lily Allen, single-handedly took the gay rights movement back about two decades this week, confirming that she once “chose” to like women and is now through that “phase” in her life.

The “singer” first revealed she was “bisexual” in an interview in 2011, telling radio program In:Demand that she’s “dated girls and boys.”

To give some perspective to the “Who’s Jessie J?” crowd, we first reported this news as “the chick who wrote Miley’s ‘Party In the USA’ Is Bi.” Lulz.

Provoked by absolutely no one, the “singer” took to Twitter last night to assure everyone that she is no longer bisexual and wants to “stop talking about it completely” because she wants to find “a husband.” She revealed the news on Twitter presumably because there’s really no reason for anyone to be interviewing her about anything right now. Or ever again.

She also tried to deflect criticism, jumping on the “I’m bisexual which means I can also date men” bandwagon, not realizing that the issue people took with her tweets was in her calling bisexuality a “phase” and likening her “choice” to that of a vegetarian eating meat sometimes.

“For me, it was a phase,” she told The Mirror. “But I’m not saying bisexuality is a phase for everybody.”

“I don’t regret anything I ever said, but I never knew back then that whatever I said became a fact that I couldn’t change,” she continued. “I’m just so bored of it, and that’s kind of it – I want to stop talking about it completely now and find myself a husband.”

To those jumping to Messy J’s defense, allow Tumblr user Aceofhearts. to eloquently lay it out for you:

To everyone saying it’s not a ‘big deal’ or ‘people change’;

She basically used our sexuality as a fashion accessory to make her seem cool and sexy. Now she’s kind of gone ‘lol well, that was fun, now to go back to normal.’

She has basically said bisexuality is a phase that you ‘grow out of’ when you decide to become a ‘serious adult’.

So there you have it, folks. Jessie J is no longer bisexual because she got “bored with it.” Just like we got bored with Jessie J. In 2010.

Jessie J has responded, if you’re looking for bedtime reading tonight.

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  • Cam

    Gee what a shock, another woman trying to get a little more media attention by claiming bisexuality who is going to end up with a man.

    Join the club sweetie.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Big deal. Just another popstar trying to prolong her 15 minutes of American fame. Desperation is so unattractive.

  • GeriHew

    Enough of this Sexual Fascism. Leave the poor girl alone.

    Jessie J never said she was a lesbian. A dimwitted hack journalist called Chloe Govan did though in an unofficial biography, because she found out that Jessie had dated the same girl for about four years. That girl’s name is Kira.

    Here’s a cute pic of them together:

    Jessie was always open about their relationship but never came out as gay or bi identified and initially showed reluctance to be labelled as bisexual. Jessie and KIra split up around about the time Jessie started getting really famous.

    Jessie wrote this song about Kira:

    Moving on a few years and Jessie clearly feels now she wants to be with a man. So what?

    What if she had just announced that she’s a lesbian now and her “bisexuality” was just a phase would you be having a go at her?

    No, you bloody wouldn’t. You know you bloody wouldn’t.

  • Cam


    Geri, before you fall back on your knee jerk reaction of “Everybody who claims bisexuality is good no matter what they do and everybody gay or straight is evil, you may want to read EXACTLY what she wrote.

    “Provoked by absolutely no one, the “singer” took to Twitter last night to assure everyone that she is no longer bisexual and wants to “stop talking about it completely” because she wants to find “a husband.”

    She basically says you can change your orientation. But then again, that won’t matter to you because once somebody claims to be bi, you will defend them to the death.

  • GeriHew

    First off. There’s nothing wrong with being gay; or straight, or bisexual; or asexual: or just open to whatever etc. So it does not matter if sexuality is a choice or not. It does not matter.

    Secondly. Just because you experience your sexuality as something fixed and unchangeable doesn’t mean someone else cannot, and does not, experience their sexuality as something fluid which can change over time. Isn’t it obvious by now folks that not everybody’s sexuality is the same?

    Thirdly. She is not saying you can change your orientation. She’s saying her orientation has changed. What she’s saying is about her. It isn’t about you. And she isn’t claiming to have found Jesus and that homosexuality is a sin or any old tedious crap like that – so what’s you’re problem?

    And, as I said before, Jessie was clearly initially reluctant to be labelled as bisexual anyway. What she said in a radio show just over three years ago when she was asked about her sexuality was: “I’ve never denied it. Whoopie doo guys, yes, I’ve dated girls and I’ve dated boys – get over it.”

    And after that it was all over the media that Jessie J is bisexual.

    This is her talking about her sexuality at G-A-Y Heaven in London around that time:

    You might not be able to understand what she’s saying but basically she’s doesn’t want to be labeled bisexual or anything else and put in a box. Then she’s sings her song about a girl she’s in love with.

    In the comments on YouTube someone has quoted something else she wrote on twitter several years ago: “For all the people congratulating me on ‘coming out’ or confirming I’m ‘bi’ lol-I have NEVER hid my sexuality. I love who I love. I will never label my sexuality. If its a boy its a boy if its a girl its a girl. Whatever I do in life SOMEONE somewhere will HATE it. Be it my music, my face, my clothes, my hair, my bum lol. It Is what it is. Let the haters hate. Live for the moment.”

    So it was the media who stuck a “bisexual” label on her.

    Then it tried to stick a gay label on her:
    with a crackpot theory that her record company had told her to hide her lesbianism and claim to be bisexual. And then in serious newspapers like the Guardian we had earnest lesbians saying she should come out as lesbian if indeed that what she really is. Yes of course, it said “Jessie Gay” in The Sun so it must be true.

    And now she’s come out and said she wants a husband they are going to try and call her a fake bisexual and an “attention seeker”.

    Whatever, she’s still dated girls and boys. And she’d already done that before anyone had heard of Jessie J.

  • GeriHew

    @GeriHew: I meant what’s your problem – obviously.

    Anyway. Thank you and good night. Please leave the poor girl alone.

  • Icebloo

    David Bowie was the first person to lie about his sexuality to use it for shock value to make himself rich. Idiots like him doing this give fuel to the right wingers who then say if he can choose not to be gay then we all can.

    I never believed the girls from T.A.T.U. were gay (they have since had babies) and I never believed Lady Gaga was bisexual.

    It makes me very angry that they lie like this and it causes problems and sometimes violence for the gay community.

  • QuintoLover

    She did say that it’s not like this for everyone. Sexuality is fluid, it’s not always consistent for some people. Some people are flat out gay and some people are attracted to the same sex but then suddenly, they aren’t. When I was younger, I really did like women but around the time I turned 14, I was only interested in men. I’ve had friends who knew they were gay when they were elementary school age. Some people just know what they want and sometimes they don’t. It’s not fair to attack someone for who they are or aren’t attracted to.

  • Cam


    Yes, Geri, that poor girl just literally said what every right wing bigot claims. The she chose, switched etc…

    But since she at one time said she was bi you will make up paragraph after paragraph of blather to desperately defend her.

  • ppp111

    I’ve always felt that even if right wingers are shown every piece of evidence that people can be born gay, it isn’t gonna stop their prejudice against us. To them, we’ll always be some sort of abomination. Whatever.

  • GeriHew

    @Cam: You know what Cam? I find you incredibly obtuse. Sorry, but I really do.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t even bothered to look at that YouTube link I posted above of Jessie J talking about her sexuality on stage at G-A-Y Heaven in London.

    And it isn’t the first time I’ve posted a link to that video on Queerty either. I posted it before on here nearly 2 years ago. And I was responding to you on that occasion as well.

    @cam: “I just LOVE how somebody points out that she has dated men exclusively and then will publicly kiss a girl at her concert, and they are ATTACKED for being Bi-Phobic.”


    I don’t know who you are talking about. Katy Perry maybe? Or some other singer who has never said she’s bisexual. Certainly not Jessie J.

    This is Jessie J
    Jessie J Talks About Sexuality Rumours @ G-A-Y/Heaven Nightclub 26/02/11. Sings ‘Love’
    Here she says she’s “not bisexual, not gay, not straight. If she likes a girl, she likes a girl. If she likes a guy, she likes a guy.” Then she’s sings a song she wrote about her girlfriend “A girl whom I’m in love with.” L.O.V.E.
    NB: The lyric was changed a bit for the single/album recording which makes it a bit less obvious that it’s a girl she’s singing about – but it still contains the line: “Love doesn’t choose a boy or a girl.”

    Full story here: http://www.queerty.com/jessie-j-im-really-bi-though-boring-untrue-story-says-im-full-on-lesbian-20120419/$http://www.queerty.com/jessie-j-im-really-bi-though-boring-untrue-story-says-im-full-on-lesbian-20120419/#ixzz2yQExtuof

  • Cam

    @GeriHew: said…

    “@cam: “I just LOVE how somebody points out that she has dated men exclusively and then will publicly kiss a girl at her concert, and they are ATTACKED for being Bi-Phobic.”
    I don’t know who you are talking about. Katy Perry maybe? Or some other singer who has never said she’s bisexual. Certainly not Jessie J.


    I never posted that, which is obviously why the @Cam in it wasn’t highlighted.

    The fact that you would put a fake post in there lying and claiming I said it pretty much tells me that you will do anything to deflect and defend somebody you have decided needs the “Bi Avenger” saving them.

    Seriously, why lie and say I posted that when it is so easy to scan up and see I didn’t?

  • GeriHew

    @Cam: I’m not lying. I think it was you. I may possibly be mistaken. But I doubt it.

    Anyone who checks the old thread can see that someone posting as “cam” posted this comment there:


    I just LOVE how somebody points out that she has dated men exclusively and then will publicly kiss a girl at her concert, and they are ATTACKED for being Bi-Phobic.

    I get that some of you cannot seem to have a rational discussion. But just so you know, pointing out a fact isn’t being “Phobic” just because you don’t like the truth.

    The only phobics I see in here are the people trying to stifle conversation.

    Full story here: http://www.queerty.com/jessie-j-im-really-bi-though-boring-untrue-story-says-im-full-on-lesbian-20120419/

    If it was someone else posting as cam on here then I’ll take it back. I
    suppose it’s possible as that was someone posting as “cam” not “Cam”.

    Then again, I used to post as Geri here back then, as anyone checking the old thread can see. I can’t do that anymore because Queerty tightened up the posting rules and someone else (who I’ve never seen a post from) is registered here as geri.

  • GeriHew

    @Icebloo: David Bowie, Lady Gaga and Jessie J. Three people who have all had sex with both men and women – but according to you apparently they should have kept quiet about it.

    Because keeping quiet about the fact that you have swung both ways is somehow more truthful than admitting you’ve done it?

    Not that other people are going to keep quiet about you, or stop putting their own spin on you whatever you say or don’t say, when you’re a celebrity.


    ( some blogger claiming to be blogging about “LGBTQA Culture” posting last year about Jessie J’s relationship with Kira Curtis-Howard and saying Jessie J should come out as a lesbian)

  • Cam


    So let me get this straight…….

    You are trying to attack me in this post, by posting something I said in a completely different post about a different person in a different situation that has nothing to do with the subject here?

    I knew you were obsessively desperate to defend anybody who ever at one time or another claimed bisexuality but I didn’t know to what lengths you would go to.

    This is a woman who has now said she isn’t bi anymore, she has chosen to be straight, verifying everything every right winger claims, and yet your bi blinders can’t let you live in the real world and see that for what it is.

    I’m actually sorry for you.

  • GeriHew

    @Cam: No, I’m not trying to attack you.

    I’m trying to get you to look at a video of Jessie J talking about her sexuality where she says she’s not bisexual, not gay, not straight. If she likes a girl, she likes a girl. If she likes a guy, she likes a guy.

    I’m trying to impress upon you that this woman didn’t label herself, the media did. And she isn’t calling herself straight now btw. She’s still isn’t labeling herself, you are.

    Some people don’t want to label their sexuality. Deal with it.

  • Cam


    Her previous comments would seem to be irrelevant based on the most recent now wouldn’t they?

    As for not wanting to “Label” such a nice little cop out.

  • jar

    Jessie J giving truth to the old adage- homosexual pleasure and heterosexual privilege. Just one more bisexual who opts for the old privilege.

  • GeriHew

    @Cam: If you don’t believe in labeling your own sexuality (or labeling people’s sexuality in general as a matter of principle) because you find it too problematic or consider it unnecessary, then it’s a cop out to allow yourself to be labelled. Especially if you feel that the label doesn’t really fit you at all anymore.

    Most of the people I see making snide and hateful remarks about Jessie now seem to either be ignoring,forgetting or simply unaware of,the fact that when she publicly “came out” on the In Demand radio show on 3rd March 2011 Jessie was in a same-sex relationship. Openly in a same-sex relationship.

    She didn’t say on that occasion that she was gay or bisexual. She said she’d dated girls and boys and never denied it. Which was true. The interviewers had heard that she had a girlfriend. That’s why they were asking her a question about her sexuality. So the general reaction to Jessie’s response to the question was that if she isn’t a lesbian she must be bisexual – hey “Jessie J is bisexual”. That’s how she got labeled “bisexual”.

    Following that is should have been clear to anyone who was paying attention that Jessie wasn’t particularly comfortable with that label. But she still went along with it up until now, because after all she has dated girls (well actually one particular girl for several years apparently) and boys and the generally accepted term for describing someone who does that is “bisexual”.

    And, I feel pretty sure that she would still be going along with it if people hadn’t made such a big deal out of it and kept going on about it all the time. E.G. one her tweet: “Really annoys me when newspapers put ‘Jessie J the bisexual singer’ would they put ‘Beyonce the straight singer’?? #sortitout”

    And then there were those people (mostly women) who said she was lying about being bisexual and that Jessie J was really a lesbian who was told by her record company to pose as bisexual in order be more commercial and avoid alienating any potential male fans.

    This made-up “revelation” based on hearsay from people claiming to be “insiders” was the main-selling point of Chloe Govan’s unofficial biography. Did Govan make any attempt to ask Jessie if any of this was true before going to print? No, of course not. She didn’t give a shit if it was true or not. She just wanted to sell more copies of her book.

    So where are we now? Having previously been accused of lying about being bisexual in order to sell more records when she is actually “100% Gay” Jessie J is now being accused of lying about being bisexual in order to sell more records and because it’s “trendy” when she is actually straight.


    100% Ridiculous.

    She likes boys. She dated a girl. She even fell in love with that girl. Now she isn’t with that girl anymore and apparently she going forward she only wants to date boys and find herself a husband. If that’s how she feels then it’s not unreasonable for her to describe her bisexuality as a phase. She certainly is not: “single-handedly taking the gay rights movement back about two decades” or even two minutes. On the contrary she may actually have helped further the cause of true equality.


    Peter Tatchell, British based LGBT Rights Activist writing for The Guardian:

    “Just a phase”
    Queer, gay, homosexual … in the long view, they are all just temporary identities. One day, we won’t need them at all.

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