Jesus Was Gay, Or “At The Very Least” Queer, Says Theologian

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Jesus Christ has been plagued by gay rumors almost as often and as long as an Oscar-nominated Scientologist, but according to noted theologian and author Dr. Reverend Bob Shore-Goss, Magdalene and the Virgin weren’t the only Marys in town.

Shore-Goss spoke with Vice‘s Jules Suzdaltsev about Jesus’ inherent queerness and how people misinterpret the Bible’s view on homosexuality .

“For my own spirituality, I would love to jump into bed with Jesus,” Shore-Goss told Vice. I mean, same.

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Shore-Goss goes on to explain:

At the very least, Jesus was queer. He broke the rules of his culture, of heteronormativity. He subverted masculinities and gender codes in his culture. Queer doesn’t necessarily mean sexual orientation, but it can include that. St. Paul, I would say, would probably be described as a closeted homosexual today, but they didn’t have those words at the time.

The doc-rev argues that if Jesus was human than logically he was also sexual  — whether that meant he was gay or bisexual. Some theories even point to Jesus being intersex or trans. Shore-Goss also posits that the Bible wasn’t homophobic — just misogynistic and a real stickler for gender norms:

There was no concept of sexual orientation, but there was a concept of gender. So, in the Bible, when a man sleeps with another man like with a woman, it’s an abomination. See, the emphasis is on a man betraying his status: He has feminized himself. So it’s a gender violation as opposed to a sexual violation. The code of masculinity is very strong in the ancient world. Now, homoerotic relationships in the ancient world are really common, especially in the Greek and Roman worlds.

Whether or not you buy this queer interpretation of the Messiah, Dr. Rev. Shore-Goss’ point is that Jesus doesn’t discriminate. He’s for everybody. Figuratively and literally:

Was Jesus a top or a bottom?

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