Jeter and A-Rod’s Rocky Relationship Woes

We’re not big on the sports section. Thank the gay lords for the eagle-eyes over at Popnography, then, because without them we never would have found this story on the crumbling relationship between Yankees Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. Apparently the boys used to be the best of pals, but things have hit the skids as of late.

Of the split, A-Rod had this to say:

People start assuming that things are a lot worse than what they are, which they’re not. But they’re obviously not as great as they used to be. We were like blood brothers. You don’t have to go to dinner with a guy four, five times a week to do what you’re doing. It’s actually much better than all you guys expect, but I just want to let the truth be known.

Before going on, A-Rod struck a deal with reporters, saying he’d tell them the truth if they agreed to stop asking.

You don’t ask me about Derek anymore, and I promise I’ll stop lying to all you guys.

The reality is there’s been a change in the relationship over 14 years and, hopefully, we can just put it behind us. You go from sleeping over at somebody’s house five days a week, and now you don’t sleep over. It’s just not that big of a deal.

Jeter, meanwhile, tells the New York Times there is no rift and that the press has been making a story out of nothing.

Sounds to us like he needs to have a sit-down with his former paramour and set things – er – straight.