newspaper fail

Jewish Standard Promises Readers It Won’t Cause More Pain With Gay Engagement Announcements

The Jewish Standard, the 70-year-old New Jersey-based weekly for the circumcised, says it “set off a firestorm last week by publishing a same-sex couple’s announcement of their intent to marry.” Editors were surprised to hear so much feedback, and after chatting with a group of Orthodox rabbis, the paper wants to “apologize for any pain we may have caused.” And beginning immediately, there will be no more inches devoted to gay relationship announcements. And it was just moments ago we wondered aloud whether Orthodox Jews were coming around with the gays. Here’s the announcement that caused the rabbis to kivetch:

Congratulations to a periodical that serves a marginalized community in its goal of marginalizing — or rather, erasing — another. Now all the Jewish gay boys and girls can continue thinking your temple of worship has no place for them.