Jews Weigh In On Foley

Shit, it seems everyone has something to say about Mark Foley and his scandalous ways, even the Reform Jews. Responding to Tony Perkins and his right-wing Family Research Council‘s insistence that the Foley cover-up stems from a gay agenda (because what doesn’t?), the Associate Director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, Mark Pelavin, said:

As Jews, we know well the dangers inherent in broad, fear-inspiring accusations that blame societal ills on a particular social group. Mr. Foley, and not homosexuals as a group, performed these misdeeds. No group, homosexual or otherwise, bears responsibility. It is shameful for the Family Research Council to use one individual’s wrongdoings to cast a negative light on an entire group of people.

Pelavin’s talking about the holocaust, of course, so we’re not sure the Perkins bunch will really understand – don’t they think it’s all a myth, or something? Anway, even if Perkins does understand Pelavin’s letter, we suspect he doesn’t give a holy shit.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if this whole Foley thing not only brought down the House of Representatives and (possibly) the FBI, but also started a huge religious civil war? Okay, maybe incredible isn’t the appropriate word…