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JFK Jr. Asked Madonna To Pose As His Mom. Eww!

We mean no disrespect to the late John F. Kennedy Jr., but asking Madonna to pose as your mother, one of the nation’s most famous and beloved First Ladies, is just a little too creepy even for for us.

In a book coming out at the end of this month, John-John’s former assistant RoseMarie Terenzio claims that he seriously asked Madonna, rumored to be a onetime flame, to pose as Jackie O for a summer 1996 “Women in Politics” issue of George, the political magazine he ran in the 1990s. Terenzio even produced this handwritten note, which Madonna faxed to the George offices. (Even famous people used faxes back in the day!)


Thank God she had the good sense not to accept. While we sometimes question The Great Madge’s decisions—tossing fans in jail, continuing to make movies, hating hydrangeas, etc.—this is one we stand behind.

The Evita star tells “Johnny Boy”: “Thanks for asking me to be your mother but I could never do her justice. My eyebrows aren’t thick enough for one.”

If we are to take anything away from this note, it’s that Madonna and JFK Jr.’s flirty maybe-relationship was kind of weird and had some mommy issues up in there.

Her Madgesty makes also a bizarre mention of being more amenable to playing Hitler’s bride, Eva Braun, or scandalous socialite Pamela Harriman.

Madonna in a Nazi costume would actually be more tasteful.