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Jilted Lover Won’t Be Jailed For Posting Naughty Pics Of Ex On Instagram

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A woman who took revenge on her ex-girlfriend for finding a new lover has managed to dodge jail time, despite the fact that she posted naked images of said ex on Instagram in a deliberate bid to humiliate her.

32-year-old Alissia Wright (pictured wearing an especially kicky headscarf) even went the extra mile by adding hashtags and tagging mutual friends to make sure that as many people as possible saw the pictures before they were inevitably taken down.

As The Daily Star reports, Wright’s victim (who isn’t identified) claimed in court that she was deeply humiliated when the photos were posted and circulated on social media.

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Wright, a mother of two currently dating a man, also threatened to post even raunchier pics, even after being warned by Instagram.

The anonymous victim wrote in an impact statement that she felt “ashamed” and “ridiculed” by the “degrading” photographs:

It has made me wary of going into town in case I see anyone that has seen me naked.

“For whatever reason she attempted to do this, I did not respond to any of it.

“I think she was angry because I got a new partner.

“It’s made me feel a great deal of anxiety, I’m concerned about what might be said to other people and I’m very nervous.

“We were together for six years and we were married too, she has been nasty and because of it I’m worried about what she might do next.

“It seemed like an attempt to scorn me, she has a new boyfriend and makes out like she is very happy so it confuses me as to why she behaved that way.”

Wright was forthright in admitting two counts of revealing personal and sexualized photos with the intention to cause psychological distress.

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The couple was married in 2015 but split in March and are currently ensnarled in a nasty divorce battle.

Although Wright could’ve faced prison, she was instead snapped with a 12-month community order, a three-year restraining order, and a £100 fine. On top of that, she must enter a “30-day behavior program.”

Wright’s lawyer Preet Sadana argued that Wright posted the pics in a “moment of madness” and is “extremely remorseful.”

“This is totally out of character,” she said, possibly in the hopes of distinguishing her client from the millions of people who post nude photos of their exes on the hour, every hour.