hello, god?

Jim for Jesus: What’s Ex-Gov McGreevey Doing With That Cross?


Holy balls, is Christ the safe space for every high-profile guy who gets caught sleeping with dudes? First Ted Haggard returns to the cloth, and now gay American and former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey wants to get all up in god’s good graces?

A frail-looking McGreevey is training to become an Episcopal priest at a church in Hoboken, though for now he merely “assists the Rev. Geoffrey Curtiss at three Masses on Sunday and participates in parish programs, donation drives and activities.” It’s a stark departure for McGreevey. No, not because he now spends so much time before the cross, but because he used to be Roman Catholic, which frowns on (forbids?) the man-on-man thing. Episcopals are a smidge more lenient.

If anything, perhaps it will teach McGreevey to be more patient — so he can sit through movies about gay politicos without squirming. See you in the pews, Jim!