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Jim LaSalvia’s Awesome CPAC Hissy Fit Over Those Nat’l Organization for Marriage Meanies

We never thought we’d say it, but we’re starting to like Jimmy LaSalvia. Not that we ever had a personal problem with the executive director of gay conservative group GOProud (that’s go-proud); his fruit fly organization is just silly and hard to take seriously. But just after greeting his CPAC booth buddies at the National Organization for Marriage in front of CNN’s cameras, it’s GOProud’s chief who’s throwing down against NOM, somehow surprised that an organization dedicated to eliminating the rights of homosexuals would have the audacity to treat homosexuals as less than!

Asks LaSalvia of NOM: “Who’s the pansy at CPAC?” Love it.

And to think: We were under the assumption that GOProud would be a silent party at this year’s conservative confab.

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