Jim McG Builds Up Defenses Ahead of Trial

Get excited, readers! The McGreevey divorce trial begins this week and we can be sure to hear all sorts of salacious, nauseating details of how the former NJ Governor and his Missus got down in the bedroom.

Dina Matos-McGreevey alleges that hubby Jim duped her into marriage by lying about being a bit bent. Jim McGreevey’s lawyer, Stephen Haller, has already leaked how they’ll be contesting Dina’s allegations. And it ain’t pretty:

Plaintiff [Mr. McGreevey] will testify at trial that he needed to have a disrobed male present in the room with them when the parties had sexual relations in order to maintain an erection.

This tends to prove that plaintiff was at least bisexual, a fact which should have been obvious to defendant prior to the marriage.

Will the day come when we’re not fascinated by disgraced politicians’ penises? Probably not. Or, at least, we hope not!