Blames Bad Fashion For Bad Book Sales

Jim McG Scoffs, Snarls At Dina

This shit’s like clockwork. One day after Dina Matos-McGreevery griped that her gay soon-to-be ex, Jim McGreevey hindered her “memoir’s” sales, the former New Jersey governor released a statement blaming it all on her horrendous Oprah appearance.

Harnessing all of his bitchy gay powers, McGreevey penned a six page statement tearing down his former flame’s accusations:

Instead of blaming the failure of her book on her awful appearance on Oprah Show…appearing in an inappropriate and ill-fitting ballgown with a plunging neckline or blaming the fact that her book is poorly written or dull…or blaming…the unbelievable assertion that she did not know her husband was gay, or blaming the assertion that the plaintiff was a ‘bisexual’ when he clearly announced he was a ‘Gay American,’ she blames the plaintiff.

McGreevey goes on to criticize Dina’s media pandering:

This defendant, more than most, has had the opportunity to have her position published and she has. She has taken full advantage of television, radio and print to tell her story. The public is not stupid. They hear both sides and make up their minds.”

Pot, meet black.